Jungle Of Danger!

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The information expressed in this page is not a part of the Hero Factory canon, and did not occur in the actual storyline. It may be derived from an online game, promotional material, or other source not that is not related to the main story of Hero Factory.

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Jungle Of Danger!
JungleOfDanger Title.png
Author Greg Farshtey
Illustrator(s) Paul Lee

Jungle Of Danger! is a promotional comic that appeared in Issue 4 2011 of the LEGO Club UK and Germany/Austria/Switzerland magazines.

Plot Summary

While exploring the jungle of Quatros and testing out their new weapons and armor, Julius Nex, Preston Stormer, and Daniel Rocka are attacked by an infected Waspix. Stormer initiates "Maneuver T3", and the Heroes each cut at a tree trunk, trapping the Waspix at the focal point of the falling trees. While Stormer theorizes that the corrupted Quaza spike embedded in the Waspix means that it was being controlled by someone else, Rocka is attacked by the Raw-Jaw. Rocka tries to calm the beast, but Nex and Stormer ready themselves for a fight.





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