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Employer Galactic Conspiracy
Weapons None
Status Deceased

Karter was a spy working for the Galactic Conspiracy.


Karter initially worked as a troubleshooter, helping take out a corrupt government with the assistance of the confidential informant Perjast. He was eventually employed by the conspiracy.

As a spy against Hero Factory, Karter was sent to aid with projects the conspiracy had working. Karter was assigned under Dumacc's command to work on Project Sunstorm, but disagreed with Dumacc on many things while they worked together.

Tranquis VII, the planet they were working on, was eventually invaded by Brains. Dumacc began experimenting on ways to create an immunity for the Brains after seeing Tranquis VII robots had a partial immunity after the first Project Sunstorm test that caused the environmental damage to the planet gave the inhabitants of the capital city of Tranquis a partial immunity to the Brains. Karter went on to find Dunkan Bulk and William Furno after they attacked security robots of the project. They saved the Heroes from a Brain-controlled Jimi Stringer and brought them back to the laboratory where Karter ordered the Heroes to not draw attention to Project Sunstorm. When they refused, Dumacc locked the Heroes in a cell, but Karter received an alert that a security robot was taken over by Brains. Seeing that the Project Sunstorm was at risk of falling into the Brain's clutches, Karter recommended that the project be transferred into another section of the planet and that he and Dumacc would sacrifice themselves for Project Sunstorm. Dumacc released the Heroes instead, and Bulk used Karter as bait to draw Brains out. When Bulk's Drop Ship, driven by Preston Stormer, arrived, Bulk and Karter flew the Drop Ship into Dumacc's lab and saw a Brain-controlled Dumacc activating the weapon. Bulk defeated the Brain-controlled robots, and Nathaniel Zib and the other Heroes arrived. As Zib examined Project Sunstorm, Karter knocked him out and destroyed the weapon. He then tried to stab Bulk with a dagger, and was put in a Hero Factory prison to face several charges. While he was imprisoned near Speeda Demon, Karter called his employers and told them that he had infiltrated Hero Factory and that he was planning on destroying it.

Karter used his old contact Perjast and had his bosses send him to his cell. Using a scrambling device, they began conversing when Perjast suddenly deactivated. As Hero Factory tech powered him back up, they exposed a solid-light hologram projector hidden in his circuity. Karter stole it and used it to mess with the beta circuits of a generator the Heroes were tested. When it was activated for a test, it rapidly went out of control and Karter and the team fled Hero Factory. Karter assumed that Stormer, Furno, Natalie Breez, and Bulk were dead, but in actuality they had been transported to Reality 11275.6. When Zib sounded a second alert saying the generator was going to explode, Karter pleaded with his contacts to save him. His boss refused and the communicator was taken by Stormer (who had returned from the Parallel Universe and created a ruse) who threatened his contact. In response, his contact caused Karter's circuits to overload from afar, killing him instantly.

Abilities and Traits

Seeming calm and bureaucratic, Karter was actually devious and manipulative, part of the Galactic Conspiracy that is against Hero Factory. He was very devoted to the cause of the conspiracy, but was also keenly interested in self-preservation.


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