Lava Sphere Shooter

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Lava Sphere Shooter
Lava Sphere Shooter.jpg
Status Confiscated
User(s) Various
Functionality Launching Lava Spheres

Lava Sphere Shooters were carried by Fire Lord and his minions. Their design is a variation of the Meteor Blaster.



Lava Sphere Shooters had a tendency to overheat if used too frequently. The ammunition was covered in an outer-coating, hot enough that it cannot be stopped. Once it hit something, it explodes due to its molten core, destroying anything nearby.

Example Usage

In Ordeal of Fire, Nitroblast fired upon the Hero Drop Ship with his Lava Sphere Shooter as the Heroes fled.

Set Information

Sets 2235 Fire Lord, 2192 Drilldozer, 2194 Nitroblast, and 2193 Jetbug all contain a Lava Sphere Shooter. It comprises of 6 parts including a dual-colored lava sphere, and can be fired by squeezing the two sides together.

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