Legion of Darkness

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This article is about the villain team. You may be looking for the novel.

"We beat Hero Factory with their own tricks. They have their Alpha Team ... we will be a Legion of Darkness."
Black Phantom, Legion of Darkness

Legion of Darkness
Breakout Villains.png
Members of the Legion
Villain Team
Headquarters/Base N/A
Leader(s) Black Phantom (formerly)
Status Disbanded
Goal(s) Destroy Hero Factory

The Legion of Darkness was a team of villains formed by Black Phantom.


The Legion of Darkness was formed years ago, after the Hero Factory had became a major presence in the galaxy. Black Phantom recruited fellow villains Thornraxx, Speeda Demon, Jawblade and Splitface at a robot repair shop frequented by criminals, where he informed them about his plan to take down the newly-formed Hero Factory, which was endangering the criminal activities of the villains across the galaxy. Interested, the four villains joined Black Phantom's ranks and planned an attack upon one of Akiyama Makuro's transport ships that carried twenty-four recently created XT4 industrial robots from a Makuro Industries plant under Black Phantom's orders. After Thornraxx took control of the cargo ship and landed behind a hill, Black Phantom had all but one of the robots reprogrammed to wander around the galaxy without any purpose, while the last robot was reprogrammed to work as Black Phantom's assistant, going under the name XT4.

XT4 was used to infiltrate Hero Factory and steal its data, and also to break Voltix and Toxic Reapa out of prison on Asteroid J-54. Splitface and Speeda Demon piloted a hijacked ore freighter to the Asteroid, while Black Phantom took a Drop Ship. After the Alpha 1 Team arrived in pursuit of XT4, XT4 saved Voltix and Toxic Reapa and initiated a mass prison break. As Von Ness let them escape, Splitface rigged the freighter's engines to explode and went with Black Phantom. The Legion escaped and Preston Stormer and Jimi Stringer were nearly killed. The Hero Factory was disturbed by the incidents, and Akiyama Makuro made the decision to close Hero Factory. Black Phantom convinced the villains they would take Hero Factory as their own base of operations, but secretly wanted them captured, leaving him the destroyer of Hero Factory without any more competition. The villains assaulted the Factory, with Jawblade taking down the security systems and XT4 and Splitface going to the power core. After ejecting Thornraxx, Toxic Reapa piloted his ship with Speeda Demon and Voltix to the Assembly Tower. There they fought Alpha 1 leader Thresher while Splitface and XT4 dueled Stormer. Thresher was defeated, and Black Phantom defeated Stormer. However, when the rest of Alpha 1 arrived, Black Phantom's treachery was exposed by Stormer, causing the Legion to disband, with its members all arrested.

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