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=====[[Hero Factory (Building)|Hero Factory]]=====
=====[[Hero Factory (Building)|Hero Factory]]=====
Hero Factory is based in a '''giant building of the same name'''. It is one of the most famous buildings in the universe, and is instantly recognizable.  
Hero Factory is based in a giant structure of the same name, the '''Hero Factory'''. It is one of the most famous buildings in the universe, and is instantly recognizable.
===Tarantula Nebula===
===Tarantula Nebula===

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There are many Locations in the Hero Factory storyline, ranging from galaxies and stars to cities and villages.


Makuhero Belt

The Makuhero Belt is a planetary nebula in the galaxy. It possesses at least one star, as well as a small asteroid where Makuhero City and the Hero Factory were founded.

Makuhero City

Built around Hero Factory, Makuhero City is a bustling and prosperous city.

Hero Factory

Hero Factory is based in a giant structure of the same name, the Hero Factory. It is one of the most famous buildings in the universe, and is instantly recognizable.

Tarantula Nebula

Several planets and planetoids lie within the planetary Tarantula Nebula. One has a plasmoid manufacturing plant.

Planets and Planetoids

Tantalus 5

Penitentiary 1331

Tantalus 5

Penitentiary 1331 is a prison under construction. When Corroder attacked the construction site, Heroes Dunkan Bulk, Jimi Stringer, Mark Surge and later William Furno attempted to apprehend him, but Corroder managed to escape.

Etamin II

The Etamin II planet briefly banned Hero teams on the planet after cleaning bots attempted to be heroes and caused serious damage. However, the Rho 3 Hero team proved the Heroes were not at fault, and the bans were subsequently reversed.


Zed 4 was sent to Seguins to help the new Suzerian, their ruler, as she toured war-torn lands that were under her rule. The Heroes set up an avalanche and made it seem the Suzerian saved the Heroes, bolstering her public image.


The planet Earth is inhabited by an organic species known as humans. A dragon was spotted at a North American high school after an alert, and the Epsilon 4 hero team contained the dragon.

Lemus 2

The explosives plant on Lemus 2

Lemus 2 is a planetoid known for producing explosives. XPlode and Rotor attempted to raid a factory there, but were stopped by Preston Stormer and William Furno's rookie team.

Prime Giedi System

Almaak IV

When the planet Almaak IV mysteriously disappeared, the Alpha 1 Team was called in to investigate. They discovered that officials of Almaak V had cloaked it in order to provoke a war with the worlds of the Prima Giedi system.

Almaak V

Alpha 1 Team was called to Almaak V for the investigation of Almaak IV's disappearance.

Tallos 5

Tallos 5 is a mining planet. Stormer met Fire Lord here before he malfunctioned.



Quatros is a protected jungle planet teeming with wildlife that posesses a core of Quaza. Witch Doctor recently arrived to drain the planet of its Quaza, and the Alpha 1 team was sent to intervene.

Fabulox 18

Fabulox 18 is a desert planet.


Zarron is a planet covered in bamboo.

Tyral 9

A Hero Factory team was sent to Tyral 9 to rescue a stranded pilot surrounded by Canabots.


Tarek is a planet that contained a village briefly ravaged by mutant pandas.

Cherith 9

Cherith 9 is a planet once attacked by Arcadian Sand Snakes.

Cerrazon 8

Cerrazon 8 is a planet where Natalie Breez once beat Preston Stormer in a foot race.

Arkoula 118

Arkoula 118 was the site of a successful Epsilon Team mission.

Asteroids and Satellites

Merak 9

Merak 9 is a mining asteroid that XPlode and Rotor tried to steal C-4000 from. Their attempt was thwarted by Alpha 1.

Lunar Tratix

The moon known as Lunar Tratix is home to the Tratix Reptoids. It was once ventured to by several Alpha 1 members to help find a cure for Stormer.

Cities and Structures

New Stellac City

Two famous Hero Factory missions occurred in New Stellac City. One was the face-off against a drone where Stormer saved the day and his team leader Thresher, while Von Ness fled.

Much later, Alpha 1 was sent to investigate a disturbance, and found Thunder, Corroder, XPlode, and Meltdown.

Mekron City

Mekron City is a city on an asteroid. It has a police department run by chief Drax, and it once spotted Vapor. Drax was infected by nanobots by Meltdown, and attacked his ally Stormer when he arrived. Drax was defeated, though Stormer was infected here as well.

Mekron City

Tanker Station 22

Fire Lord and his minions attacked Tanker Station 22, and easily managed to defeat Alpha 1. The team upgraded and returned, beating Fire Lord and his gang.

Space Station Regular 1

Delta 9, led by Lucas Valor, responded to a hostage situation involving Captain Dark Horrendous at Space Station Regular 1. Delta 9 succeeded in rescuing the hostages.

Android Relaxation Grounds Castle

A vacation ground, the Android Relaxation Grounds Castle was once attacked by Fire Sprites. The Rho 14 Hero team was dispatched, and contained the menace.

Other Celestial Objects

Black Hole

The black hole

Von Nebula created a gigantic Black Hole as his base of operations. Stormer and Furno became sucked within it, and resisted the pull of the black hole. Furno dropped anti-gravity rings into the hole, and it began to implode. Von Nebula was sucked within his Black Hole Orb Staff, and the heroes escaped.

Yequee Gas Clouds

The notorious Yequee Gas Clouds are a 14 million mile long stretch of Yeq particles, that eat steel and metal and provide trouble for travelers. Mu 14 removed many Yeq particles.

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