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Hero Factory utilizes various forms of multimedia in order to disseminate the story and promote the sets.

Hero Factory Story

The story for the Hero Factory toy line is divided into segments, with a new story wave occurring every six months.

Mission: Von Nebula, the first Online Game

Online Media

A website was developed for the toy line, and serves as the main hub for interactive story material.

Hero Recon Team

The Hero Recon Team website has story information regarding the Recon Team in addition to its main feature, an online application that allows users to design and purchase custom-designed sets representing Recon Team agents.


On, there are a number of animations which either serve as introductions to the storyline or promote the various sets.

Print Media


The Hero Factory story has been presented through comics. The five comics in the main series are based off the scripts for the Television Episodes, but other comics not connected to the main continuity have been released.


Two books have been released promoting the Hero Factory story. These books, translated into Polish language, have been published by the Ameet publishing company.


Magazines have been an important medium for promoting the Hero Factory story. Many Hero Factory features are included in the official LEGO Club Magazine and LEGO Brickmaster Magazine. Additional magazines include the Hero Factory Promotional Magazine and the Makuhero Star, both published as bonus material for subscribers to the LEGO Club or LEGO Brickmaster magazines.


Television Episodes are the bulk of the story media used by Hero Factory. The episodes have appeared on Nickelodeon networks.

The Silver model

Fan Contributions

For BIONICLE fansite BZPower's 53rd BIONICLE-Based Creations contest, entrants were asked to build a robot creation, which instead of being voted upon by the members, was to be judged by LEGO. Member Varderan created the winning entry, which he called Silver. The robot later appeared in the Hero Factory Television Episodes as a robotic menace from Stormer's past.