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"Hero Recon Team members are renowned for their intelligence, creativity, and unquestionable bravery. I am pleased to welcome you to our ranks and look forward to working alongside you as we battle the galaxy's worst villains and monsters."
― Merrick Fortis to Hero Recon Team recruits

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Merrick Fortis
Hero 2.0
Hero Team Hero Recon Team
Weapons Projectile weapon
Status Functional, upgraded

Commander Merrick Fortis is a top Hero from Hero Factory's early days and leader of the Hero Recon Team.


Merrick Fortis in the Hero Recon Team control room

Merrick Fortis was one of the earlier Heroes from the Hero Factory, and one of their top agents. After Akiyama Makuro initiated the Hero Recon Team project, he personally selected Merrick Fortis to be its leader. Fortis set up a base of operations in a secret location in Makuhero City and began recruiting for his team. He welcomes all new recruits to the Recon Team, in addition to participating in various intelligence gathering missions.

Fortis, along with all other Heroes, received a 2.0 upgrade.

In the wake of the Alpha 1 Team's journey to Quatros, Fortis was seen observing the jungle planet and combining various Hero Factory elements for his Recon Team to use.

After Alpha 1 successfully defeated and apprehended the Witch Doctor on Quatros, Merrick traveled there in order to perform reconnaissance on the planet, in case the Witch Doctor had made contacts with any other criminals elsewhere in the universe. To adapt to the planet, he outfitted himself with new jungle armor that he has also distributed to the Recon Team.

Merrick Fortis climbing on Quatros

Abilities and Traits

Merrick Fortis is clad in white and silver armor, formerly with the signature Recon chest plate, and possesses a scope on his helmet. He is regarded as a top Hero of the Factory, which is why he was chosen to lead the Recon Team, and takes on the missions of vital importance for the Factory.

Armor and Weapons

Fortis possesses a type of projectile weapon, which has a grappling hook attached to it. The weapon has been described as his "good old trustworthy", and he kept it even after updating his armor.

In his 3.0 armament, Fortis also bears a powerful claw to assist him in rock climbing and jungle traversing. After gaining 3.0 armor, Fortis is now outfitted with eagle wings for fast traveling speed.

Set Information

While Merrick Fortis has never officially been released as a set, his buildable model has been utilized in several media, including promotional imagery. Fortis appeared as a starter model in the LEGO Design byME mode of LEGO Digital Designer 4.1, but without the blended Hero Recon Team chest armor, which is unavailable in this mode. This starter model was later updated to reflect Fortis's 3.0 upgrade.


"Thankfully, talented Hero Recon Agents like you are signing up every day. The Villains will not stand a chance against our Hero Recon Team."
― Merrick Fortis to Hero Recon Team recruits



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