Merrick Fortis

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"Hero Recon Team members are renowned for their intelligence, creativity, and unquestionable bravery. I am pleased to welcome you to our ranks and look forward to working alongside you as we battle the galaxy's worst villains and monsters."
― Merrick Fortis to Hero Recon Team recruits

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Merrick Fortis
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Commander Merrick Fortis is a top Hero from Hero Factory's early days and leader of the Recon Team.


Merrick Fortis

Merrick Fortis was one of the earlier Heroes from the Hero Factory, and one of their top agents. After Akiyama Makuro initiated the Recon Team project, he personally selected Merrick Fortis to be its leader. Fortis set up a base of operations in a secret location in Makuhero City and began recruiting for his team. He welcomes all new recruits to the Recon Team.

Abilities and Traits

Fortis is clad in white armor, with the signature Recon chest plate, and possesses a scope on his helmet. He is regarded as a top Hero of the factory, which is why he was chosen to lead the Recon Team.


Merrick Fortis possesses a type of projectile weapon, which has a grappling hook attached to it.


"Thankfully, talented Hero Recon Agents like you are signing up every day. The Villains will not stand a chance against our Hero Recon Team."
― Merrick Fortis to Hero Recon Team recruits


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