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==Example Usage==
==Example Usage==
In ''[[Television Episodes|Rise of the Rookies]]'', Bulk used this weapon to [[Mission: Von Nebula#Battle against XPlode and Rotor|fight]] back against [[XPlode]] and [[Rotor]].
In ''[[Episode 1: Trials of Furno]]'', Bulk used this weapon to [[Mission: Von Nebula#Battle against XPlode and Rotor|fight]] back against [[XPlode]] and [[Rotor]].
==Set Information==
==Set Information==

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Metal Sphere Shooter
Set Metal Sphere Shooter.png
Status Out of use
User(s) Dunkan Bulk
Functionality Shooting spheres at high velocity

The Metal Sphere Shooter is Dunkan Bulk's original weapon.


This weapon shoots very dense cobalt-nickel spheres at extremely high speeds. The weapon has a rapid-load mechanism, generating the ammunition from a compact memory wire. The Metal Sphere Shooter can fire up to 20 times a minute. The weapon also includes laser sights and guidance sensors for greater accuracy. The weapon itself is heavy, so only stronger heroes are comfortable using it as their primary weapon. Bulk no longer uses the Metal Sphere Shooter, as he is currently wielding Wrist-Mounted Blades.

Bulk firing the Metal Sphere Shooter

Example Usage

In Episode 1: Trials of Furno, Bulk used this weapon to fight back against XPlode and Rotor.

Set Information

The Metal Sphere Shooter was included in set 7168 Dunkan Bulk and set 7179 Bulk & Vapour in 2010.

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