Meteor Blaster

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Meteor Blaster
Meteor Blaster.jpg
Status Confiscated
User(s) Various
Functionality Launching projectiles

The Meteor Blaster was a weapon used by criminals, favored due to its low cost and versatility.

Various models of the Meteor Blaster exist, including the Dartshooter, the Phlinger, and the Lobber.


Meteor Blaster
Villain Customization Status
XPlode None Confiscated
Rotor None Confiscated
Corroder Shoulder mounted Confiscated
Thunder None Confiscated
Meltdown Used a modified version known as the Radioactive Sludge Shooter; shoots radioactive sludge as ammunition Confiscated
Vapor Carried two modified launchers known as Vapor Launchers; fires tube-fed corrosive gas ammunition Confiscated


The Meteor Blaster could use virtually any object as a powerful projectile. Explosive orbs and energy spheres could also be shot from the blaster, but these present an additional price that only the most successful criminals can afford. Villains were known to modify the blaster to suit their own preferences.

Rotor using a Meteor Blaster

Example Usage

In Rise of the Rookies, various villains used the Meteor Blaster to attack heroes.

Set Information

Meteor Blasters are included in the sets 7147 XPlode, 7162 Rotor, 7156 Corroder, 7157 Thunder, and 7179 Bulk & Vapour. They can be fired by squeezing both sides of the weapon.


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