Multi-Tool Blades

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Multi-Tool Blades
Multi Tool Blades.png
Status Out of use
User(s) Natalie Breez
Functionality Various

The Multi-Tool Blades were tools used by Natalie Breez after her upgrade to a 2.0 form.


The Multi-Tool Blades can function as various weapons. They feature multiple hooks, detachable throwing blades, cables and cable-cutting blades. The most prominent feature of these tools is the lava cutting circular blade, made of tempered vanadium and capable of spinning up to 10,000 revolutions per minute. Built-in heat exchangers cool the blade to a few degrees above absolute zero, so it can cut through extremely hot or tough materials easily. The cutting process often produces clouds of steam. At least one of the blades can also fire energy blasts.

After the breakout, Breez was equipped with the Hex Energy Shield and has since abandoned the Multi-Tool Blades.

Example Usage

In Ordeal of Fire, Natalie Breez used the blades to eliminate floating robots in virtual training.

Set Information

The Multi-Tool Blades were released in the 2142 Breez 2.0 set in early 2011.

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