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This article is about tool used by Preston Stormer. You may be looking for standard tool used by most 2.0 Heroes.

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Multifunctional Ice Weapon
Set Multifunctional Ice Weapon.jpg
Status Out of use
User(s) Preston Stormer
Functionality Various

The Multifunctional Ice Weapon is Preston Stormer's old weapon.


Blueprints for the Multifunctional Ice Weapon

The Multifunctional Ice Weapon was specially created at Stormer's request. After every mission, Stormer personally customized it to add and improve functionality. The weapon's main function is an ice blade that can be generated in less than a second. The incredibly durable ice composite can withstand blows that would shatter ordinary metal. However, the ice only lasts a few minutes before another blade must be generated. The weapon also includes a high-speed buzzsaw, a grappling spear, and a hardened piton blade. During his upgrade, Stormer abandoned the Multifunctional Ice Weapon for a customized Multi-Tool Ice Shield.

Example Usage

In Episode 1: Trials of Furno, Preston Stormer used his Multifunctional Ice Weapon to freeze XPlode's Meteor Blaster.

Set Information

The Multifunctional Ice Weapon was included in the Preston Stormer set of late 2010. The piece included both the tool itself and Stormer's hand, and was co-injected with white and transparent light blue plastic.

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