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signature=[[File:Natalie Breez Signature.png|175px]]|
signature=[[File:Natalie Breez Signature.png|175px]]|
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hero_class1=Hero 1.0|
hero_class1=Hero 1.0|
hero_class2=Hero 2.0|
hero_class2=Hero 2.0|
hero_class4=Brain Attack|
hero_class4=Brain Attack|
hero_class5=Invasion From Bellow|
hero_image1=[[File:Comic Breez.png]]|
hero_image1=[[File:Comic Breez.png]]|
hero_team1=[[Alpha 1 Team]], Rookie 1 division|
hero_team1=[[Alpha 1 Team]], Rookie 1 division|
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hero_team4=[[Alpha 1 Team]]|
hero_team4=[[Alpha 1 Team]]|
hero_weapons4=[[Bow Staff]], Spinning Razor Saw Shield|  
hero_weapons4=[[Bow Staff]], Spinning Razor Saw Shield|  
hero_status4=Functional, upgraded|
hero_team5=[[Alpha 1 Team]]|
hero_weapons5=Gun, Electro Chain,<br><spoiler>[[Breez Flea Machine]]</spoiler>|
'''Natalie Breez''' is a [[Hero]] working at the [[Hero Factory (Corporation)|Hero Factory]].
'''Natalie Breez''' is a [[Hero]] working at the [[Hero Factory (Corporation)|Hero Factory]].

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"The only time Breez struggles to keep it together is when innocent victims are attacked or simply caught in the middle of the battle between good and evil. It goes to the Core of who she is – Breez believes it is her duty to protect those who are not strong enough to protect themselves."
Akiyama Makuro, HeroFactory.com

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Natalie Breez
Comic Breez.png
Hero 1.0
Hero Team Alpha 1 Team, Rookie 1 division
Weapons Energized Dual Boomerangs
Status Functional, upgraded
Natalie Breez Signature.png

Natalie Breez is a Hero working at the Hero Factory.



Blueprints for Natalie Breez

Breez was one of the first heroes created with an experimental program that linked her with the natural world. She was assigned to a rookie team with Mark Surge and William Furno. The three were placed under the command of the Alpha 1 Team.

Rise of the Rookies

Trials of Furno

When Furno returned from an unsatisfactory mission with the Alpha 1 team, he threw himself into training. Breez and Surge warned him not to push his limits just to please Alpha 1 leader Preston Stormer. Stormer later took the rookie Heroes out training, but they received a call to aid an explosives plant that was being raided by XPlode and Rotor on Lemus 2. When the Heroes got there, Stormer was knocked unconscious, and Breez tended to him while Furno apprehended Rotor and Surge fended off XPlode.

Core Crisis

Breez firing her Energized Dual Boomerangs

The villain Corroder attacked a prison facility still under construction, and Breez went there from repairing the factory on Lemus 2 with Surge, Dunkan Bulk, and Jimi Stringer. Breez took the injured workers to a medical unit while the others fought Corroder. Furno eventually arrived to fight Corroder, and Breez later returned in the Drop Ship. Furno used her arrival to bluff Corroder, claiming that it was full of Heroes, which drove the villain off.

The Enemy Within

Breez traveled with Stormer and the other rookies to Mekron City. At the city, they were attacked by Stormer's old ally Drax and his Floater Enforcer Drones. Drax had apparently gone insane, and Meltdown appeared, infecting Stormer with nanobots.

At Hero Factory, Stormer's mind was taken over by the nanobots, and he went rogue. To find a cure for him, Breez went with Surge, Stringer, and Bulk to Lunar Tratix, where they encountered a Tratix Reptoid. Breez used her ability to talk to the reptoid, and it dug up the rare mineral they needed to make the cure.

Von Nebula

After the Alpha 1 Heroes went to New Stellac City and encountered Thunder and Corroder, Breez, Furno, and Surge were eventually sent to assist them and were outfitted with new technology for the task. The rookie team was ambushed by Thunder and Corroder, later joined by XPlode and Meltdown. The rookies joined the Alpha 1 team in battling the criminals, but their weapons and gear were stripped away by a black hole that appeared over the city. The Heroes were confronted by the mastermind behind the recent events: the rogue Hero Von Nebula. While Stormer and Furno went after Von Nebula in his black hole lair, the other Heroes sought cover until the villains' ammunition supply was exhausted. They then retaliated, and Breez helped Surge to knock out Corroder. Using their Particle Separators, the four Heroes were able to survive a final assault by XPlode. Soon afterwards, Furno and Stormer returned, having trapped Von Nebula in his Black Hole Orb Staff and destroyed his black hole. Breez returned to Hero Factory with the rest of Alpha 1.

Ordeal of Fire

Stormer took Breez, Surge, and Furno to Tanker Station 22 to counter an attack by the Fire Lord. Breez ran up against Drilldozer, but was defeated. She supervised evacuation procedures of the civilian workers while the others held off the attackers. While attempting to evacuate the last group of workers, the Fire Lord surrounded the group with his minions. Surge broke off, and drew the criminals away, giving Breez and the others time to escape. Stormer convinced Akiyama Makuro to give the three an upgrade to save Surge. The Heroes were successfully upgraded, and trained in the virtual training sphere to control their new forms.

Breez's upgrade

The Heroes eventually returned to Tanker Station 22, and confronted the villains. Breez and Furno pursued Nitroblast and Drilldozer while Stormer took on the Fire Lord. Furno received an alert from Surge warning them to take cover right before Jetbug blasted through the station wall in the villains' ship. In the resulting explosion, one of Breez's weapons got caught on Furno's. As they tried to separate, Drilldozer attacked them. A Hero Pod, containing rookies Nathan Evo and Julius Nex, arrived. Using the momentary distraction, Breez and Furno defeated and subdued Drilldozer. Nex then separated the two.

Breez participated in the final assault on the Fire Lord, but was knocked down by the powered-up villain leader. Surge arrived in the villains' ship, which he had commandeered from Jetbug, and defeated the Fire Lord. The team escorted the criminals back to Hero Factory. Surge received an upgrade and Breez presented him with his Ice Spear Blaster at the ceremony honoring his bravery.

Breez was present when professor Aldous Witch was exiled from Hero Factory after trying to get a Hero Core through forbidden means.


Breez was upgraded with new weapons and armor after the breakout at the Hero Factory. She was assigned to track down the insectoid Thornraxx, to apprehend him. Knowing that Thornraxx would go to his Hive Planet, Breez managed to get there before him. Thornraxx was enraged to find a Hero on his planet, and Thornraxx threw himself at her, filled with rage. Breez used his rage against him, and managed to spin into space and cuff him.

The Doom Box

Later, Breez was assembled with Alpha 1 by Nathaniel Zib for a Delta-Red priority mission: to stop the villainous Core Hunter from assembling the Doom Box. After watching previous mission logs relating to Core Hunter, the team split up. Bulk and Breez went to an unnamed criminal planet and met Geb. Posing as smugglers, they asked him to store something, and Geb led them in the vault where Core Hunter's duplicate had stored the Doom Box fragment. Core Hunter arrived and used anti-gravity disks to send Geb flying and retrieve the fragment. Bulk fired his Missile Launcher but Core Hunter was saved by Arctur. As Bulk and Breez chased Core Hunter, the villain escaped. The two went to Surge and Stringer's location in a ship graveyard and met with Stormer and Furno. Saving Stringer, they fought through Core Hunter's henchmen but found the villain himself close to assembling the Doom Box. Impulsively, Surge shocked him and the Doom Box was re-formed. However, Arctur broke it and teleported Core Hunter to where the Doom Box was forged, the only place it could truly be re-assembled. Arctur then explained his plan to have Core Hunter assemble the box and then have his Hero Core Remover Tool absorb the Doom Box's energies, rendering it harmless. Once Alpha 1 got there, they met with Rocka, and then Arctur led them into the depths. They confronted Core Hunter and goaded him into activating the Doom Box. As it turned transparent, Breez jumped toward Core Hunter, grabbed his Hero Core Remover Tool and used its power to absorb the Doom Box's energy, ending its threat. However, this left Core Hunter extremely powerful, and he defeated all the Heroes save Surge, who reflected Core Hunter's energies back at the villain, making his body fold in on itself. Breez and the Heroes then returned to Hero Factory with the Doom Box, despite Arctur dying due to an attack by Core Hunter.

Brain Attack

Breez in her new armor

Attack on Makuhero City

Breez attended an Alpha 1 publicity event in Makuhero City where Surge told her about how he hates attending such functions. The Heroes recieved an alert on their visors and rushed to Hero Factory, where Zib revealed there have been planetwide disturbances, and now an army is massing to attack Makuhero City. Breez and her teammates were given armor upgrades and went out to the streets, finding Brains controlling monsters. Breez began to fight the monsters, but a member of Ogrum's spieces bound her in vines. Breez cut herself out and used the beast's vines to wrap it up. After Bulk realized the Brain's weak point, Breez defeated several creatures. After spotting Dragon Bolt, she and the team rushed to Hero Factory to stop it and find Surge. Rocka dealt with Dragon Bolt, while the rest found Surge controlled by a Brain creating a blank Hero army. Breez fought the army off before going to stop Surge, and managed to free him from the Brain. Surge shut down the Hero drones, and the two went to repair the city, Surge finding he liked being with civilians now.

Collision Course

Breez was sent to find Rocka for Stormer's meeting discussing the end of apprehending criminals from the Breakout. She discovered him near the sensor relays. After the meeting, Breez went to train alone with rammers in the training center, and was saved by Furno who criticized her recklessness.

Stormer assigned Breez to monitor deep-space communication, picking up a signal from Captain Aquax of the Valiant that indicated trouble. After the Valiant changed course to collide directly with Hero Factory, Breez and Rocka were given new weapons and sent to the Valiant where they breached the hull and entered. Breez detected organic lifeforms, and Rocka sent her to the bridge to talk to Aquax, but met Xera instead. Xera claimed that Brains had infested the ship and that he was on the run from them, and told Breez to enter the vents. There, Breez encountered a Brain but managed to defeat it, and met with Stormer. Breez managed to defeat many Brain-controlled crew-members, before getting pinned by Aquax. Xera saved them but then attacked, explaining he only saved them because Aquax was out of line with Kirch, the squad leader. Xera explained that the Brains would make a perfect social order, causing Breez to attack him. Though Kirch had Rocka as a hostage, Bulk and Furno arrived along with Evo, who was commanding a group of Drop Ships, forcing Kirch and the Brains to flee. Kirch and the Brains were incinerated while trying to escape and the Valiant was stopped from colliding with the sun of Makuhero City's system. Breez then returned to Hero Factory.

Robot Rampage

After the fight against the Brains on Tranquis VII, Breez went to the planet to help Alpha 1 clean up Tranquis, the capital city.

Mirror World

Hero Factory began tests on a generator as a new power source, and Breez, Bulk, Furno, and Stormer stayed near the test in case of emergencies. The generator malfunctioned shortly after the test began, a result of sabotage by the villain Karter, forcing the Heroes to stay behind in the chamber and contain the explosive energy. They were enveloped by a beam of light and woke up in an abandoned warehouse. After Stormer realized they had been spatially displaced, Breez realized they were at the same coordinates as they were before. They used the Histotron at the local university to get a record of past events and Stormer deduced that they had been transported to an alternate universe. Wanting to meet the alternate Von Nebula who was in charge of the city, the Alpha Team started breaking up crimes and calling themselves a crime group. After stopping Splitface and Jawblade, they met XT4 and arranged a meeting with Von Nebula. They entered the Citadel and met with the inner circle. Stormer demanded unconditional surrender, but the four were sent to jail in response.

The four arranged a breakout of the alternate reality Heroes held in prison, meeting Furno's counterpart. However, they were then besieged by an army of Brains, though Breez noticed they were not focused on controlling the city's residents. Hearing them blasting the roof they met the Brains and saw Von Nebula had allied with them. Von Nebula had the team imprisoned, and Stormer's mind dissected for information. Stormer escaped his cell and broke Alpha Team out, and they briefly allied with Core Hunter to get rid of Brains blocking their way to the generator room. However, Von Nebula claimed a crucial component of the machine, and demanded an alliance. Von Nebula brought the Heroes to the alternate Makuro, who was convinced they were from an alternate universe and helped make a beta ray to stop the Brains. The Brains realized Von Nebula's betrayal and began to attack, but were attacked in turn by the Alpha Team from the parallel reality. The Brains were defeated and the two sets of Heroes conversed before the generator was activated and Breez and her team returned home.

Back in their reality, the Heroes interrogated Perjast and learned that Karter was behind the incident, and rigged a trap where they caught Karter phoning his contact. Stormer grabbed the communicator but Karter and the communicator were killed from afar by the contact. Breez later talked to Stormer about the parallel paths of the Von Nebulas and what a future alternate her might be like.

Abilities and Traits

Breez has a talent for remaining cool and collected under pressure. She cares deeply for innocent lives everywhere, but she frequently insists that she has no romantic interest in any of her teammates, and that their job as Heroes is what is most important to her. She is confident in her own ability and refuses to be protected by others. Diplomatic in nature, Breez is a fierce fighter when it comes to defending innocents, and will go out of her way to ensure citizen safety during missions.

Breez has the ability to communicate with all known types of animals due to a program in her Hero Core, which also allows her to sense disturbances in nature.

She is also skilled in knife and hook throwing, which featured prominently in her 2.0 training.

Armor and Weapons

Breez carried Energized Dual Boomerangs in her original 1.0 form.

Breez retained her abilities when she was upgraded to 2.0 form, and was given fire-resistant armor and other upgraded features, as well as Multi-Tool Blades.

With upgraded armor for the Breakout, Breez had built-in rocket boots that allowed her to fly through the air. Breez was also given new weapons in her hunt for Thornraxx, including a double-bladed sabre, a Hex Energy Shield, and a Plasma Gun. She was known to use the shield in conjunction with her rocket boots to add control to her flight.

For her mission to the Valiant, Breez was given new armor, with Hero Core locking clamps, and an armored visor with built-in night vision. Breez currently carries a Bow Staff and a Spinning Razor Saw Shield to help in the fight against the Brains.

Set Information

Set 2142 Breez 2.0

Natalie Breez was first released in mid-2010 as set 7165, part of the original Hero line which also included Furno, Surge, Stormer, Bulk, and Stringer. This set contained 19 pieces, which could be combined with parts from Stormer and Furno in order to create Lucas Valor using instructions from the September–October 2010 Edition of LEGO BrickMaster Magazine.

Set 2142 Breez 2.0 was released in early 2011 as part of the Hero 2.0 line, which also included Stormer 2.0, Evo 2.0, Nex 2.0, Furno 2.0, and Surge 2.0. This set contained 29 pieces. It was also possible to combine parts from Breez 2.0 and Stormer 2.0 in order to create a new model using instructions on HeroFactory.com. Breez 2.0 was also one of the first sets to utilize the HeroPad system, which allowed users to enter in codes found on the bottom of set canister lids in order to unlock special online game prizes.

Set 6227 Breez was later released with the Breakout line of early 2012 in Europe, Australia/New Zealand and Asia. However, this set (along with 6228 Thornraxx) has had its release date held back until summer 2012 in North America. The 55-piece set was priced and packaged as a medium-sized set and featured the silver packaging of the early 2012 wave in all markets. This set includes a ball shooter that fires when squeezed as well as a newly-redesigned Hero Core printed with a 300-point game code for the online game Breakout. Parts from this set can be used with parts from 6228 Thornraxx and instructions from HeroFactory.com to build a combi model.

Set 44006 Breez was released as part of the Brain Attack line in early 2013. The 49-piece set includes a visor that can be hinged closed to cover the new helmet, a Bow Staff, and a spinning razor saw shield. It also featured locking clamps to protect the Hero Core, which was printed with a 400-point code for the new game Brain Attack. Its shield was also able to spin. It can be combined with 44007 Ogrum and create a non-canon combiner.


  • The energy drink company Robo-Jolt asked Breez to be in a commercial for them.
  • Natalie Breez's promotional nickname is "The Whirlwind".
  • Natalie Breez was voiced by Jean Louisa Kelly in the Hero Factory Television Episodes.


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