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44007 Ogrum Art.jpg
Employer Brains
Weapons Wrecking Mace
Status Reverted
Set number 44007

Ogrum was a jungle creature that was mutated into a poisonous plant beast by the Brains.


Ogrum was an ogre living in a jungle along with the rest of its species. He was picking up some mushroom like plants when the jungle was invaded by the Brains, he was possessed by a Brain and mutated into a plant beast.

He went to Makuhero City to destroy Hero Factory, but was defeated and had his brain removed by Heroes. Ogrum returned to his jungle, free of the controlling Brain.

Abilities and Traits

Ogrum was vicious and poisonous under the control of the brains, and possesses a hand made of vines that can extend and attack enemies.


Ogrum carried a swinging Wrecking Mace, which was given to him when he grabbed a rock while mutating. After his mutations were reverted, the mace disappeared.

Set Information

Set 44007 Ogrum

The 44007 Ogrum set was released in early 2013, in the Hero Factory's Brain Attack line with 59 pieces. The set contained a light green Brain that could be attached on top of its head, and a mace that could be swung. It includes a Hero Core not used in the set for 600 game points used in the Brain Attack game, and can combined with 44006 Breez to create a non-canon combiner set.


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