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Employer Galactic Conspiracy
Weapons None
Status Inactive

Perjast is a low-level member of the Galactic Conspiracy.


Perjast was once an employee of a corrupt planetary government. After encountering Karter, Perjast became an informant against his employers, providing information to Karter that put the corrupt officials in jail. Karter used Perjast's fear of him and the knowledge of his past actions to blackmail him into performing small tasks.

Karter in turn eventually became part of the Galactic Conspiracy and had Perjast called in when he was jailed by the Hero Factory. Perjast, at the behest of the conspiracy, visited Karter in prison, smuggling in several devices to help Karter in his plan to destroy the Factory. Perjast was remotely disabled by the conspiracy, giving Karter an opportunity to recover the smuggled items while Perjast's slowly reactivating body was examined by the Hero Factory.

Abilities and Traits

Perjast is a thin, nervous-looking robot with a meek personality. He is easily intimidated by more powerful individuals.


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