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Plasma Gun
Furno Plasma Gun.png
Status Out of use
User(s) Various
Functionality Projectile Launching

Plasma Guns were projectile weapons designed to fire high-intensity plasma. Heroes tracking down escaped villains were equipped with Plasma Guns for their solo missions, and some had modified the weapons to suit their needs.

Six known Heroes were outfitted with Plasma Guns:

Plasma Gun
Name Modification Status
William Furno Attached a harpoon to the launcher, and tuned it to function underwater, at the cost of projectile speed. Out of use
Nathan Evo Enhanced by his Tank Arm. Out of use
Mark Surge Shoots electrical energy blasts Out of use
Natalie Breez None Out of use
Dunkan Bulk None Out of use
Preston Stormer Can track an enemy via their specific heat signature. Out of use

Example Usage

Surge firing his Plasma Gun

In Breakout Part 1, Surge fired his Plasma Gun at Splitface.

Set Information

The Plasma Gun was included in the five Hero sets of winter/spring 2012, four Hero sets and one villain set of summer 2012, with modifications in several of the Heroes designs. Two different pieces form to make a ball shooter; the top piece is brand new to the wave, whereas the bottom piece is a redesigned version of launcher pieces included in previous waves.


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