Plasma Shooter

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This article is about Nex's specialized Breakout weapon. You may be looking for the Plasma Gun used by other Breakout Heroes.

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Plasma Shooter
Plasma Shooter.jpg
Status In use
User(s) Julius Nex
Functionality Shooting plasma blasts

The Plasma Shooter is a high-tech projectile weapon used by Julius Nex and also refers to a weapon used by Core Hunter.


Designed to mimic the effects of lightning, the Plasma Shooter uses current sheets that enhance resistance and increase the buildup of energy within the gun for a desired shot, which results in a large explosion and radiation outpour.

Example Usage

In Secret Mission 1: The Doom Box, Core Hunter fired his Plasma Shooter at Preston Stormer, but it hit Arctur instead, fatally wounding him.

Set Information

The Plasma Shooter, using the same pieces as the Plasma Gun included in other Breakout sets, was included in the 2012 sets 6221 Nex and 6222 Core Hunter.


  • Though using the same pieces and bearing a similar name, the Plasma Shooter is distinct from the Plasma Gun featured in other Hero sets of 2012.

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