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*Stormer was voiced by [[Wikipedia:John Schneider (television actor)|John Schneider]] in the Hero Factory [[Television Episodes]].
*Stormer was voiced by [[Wikipedia:John Schneider (television actor)|John Schneider]] in the Hero Factory [[Television Episodes]].
*Stormer's promotional nickname is "The Pro".
*Stormer's promotional nickname is "The Pro".
*The eye color change of Stormer to green when he was infected by nanobots in the televison episode "The Enemy Within" is a reference to Vakama's going hordika in the Bionicle movie "Web of Shadows."

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"We were made to be heroes. It's our job to help anyone in the known worlds that needs it. We weren't built to fail."
― Preston Stormer, Trials of Furno

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Preston Stormer
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Preston Stormer is a Hero at the Hero Factory and the Alpha 1 Team leader.


As a rookie Hero, Preston Stormer was educated by professor Aldous Witch.

Thresher's Team

After training, Stormer was assigned to a team consisting of Von Ness and Thresher, the leader.

Responding to a burglary alarm, Thresher took them to New Stellac City, but they instead found a destructive mechanoid rampaging through the city. When Silver knocked out Thresher, Von Ness suggested they call for backup; instead, Stormer instructed Von Ness to watch over Thresher and fought the monster alone. Von Ness later attempted to abandon Thresher using the Drop Ship when Stormer tried to stop him, giving up after realizing the danger both Thresher and the city were facing. He jumped from the ship onto the Silver's back and disabled it. Although hailed as a hero by the citizens of New Stellac City, Stormer felt he could have protected Thresher and stopped Von Ness from escaping.

Alpha 1 Team

Stormer aspired to become Alpha Team Leader, one of the highest ranks, and worked hard to accomplish this goal. Eventually he managed to do so, although in doing so he unseated the previous Alpha Team Leader, whom he had idolized. However, the Alpha Team Leader was ready to step down, having decided that he had lost his edge.

As Alpha Team Leader, Stormer was assigned many rookies, but most of them were unable to measure up to his standards; Jimi Stringer and Dunkan Bulk eventually established themselves as members of his team.

On one mission, they were called to Almaak V to investigate the disappearance of Almaak IV, a neighboring planet. Stringer observed that the moon of the planet was still in orbit despite the planet's absence, and he discovered that the planet was being cloaked by Almaak V officials. Stormer then led the arrest of those responsible.

Rise of the Rookies

Trials of Furno

Stormer caught in an explosion at Merak 9

The Alpha 1 Team, along with rookie hero William Furno, were tasked with protecting a large quantity of C-4000 explosives from theft at Merak 9. XPlode and Rotor attacked, taking the explosives, and XPlode escaped, leaving Rotor behind. Stormer told Furno to hero-cuff Rotor, who evaded capture and escaped as well. Stormer blamed himself for this as well, stating he should have captured Rotor himself. Stormer later noted Furno's errors, suggesting that he visit the training sphere. Furno, seeking to impress the team leader, trained for hours in the sphere.

During a training mission, Stormer was supervising Mark Surge, Natalie Breez, and Furno, when he received a call from Makuhero City, instructing him to take the three rookies to the Lemus 2 explosives plant to stop a reported theft being carried out by Rotor and XPlode. When Stormer complained about the lack of other heroes, he was told that they were the closest to the location. Stormer used the Drop Ship to drop a Hero Pod, letting it fall to the ground in order to serve as a distraction for Rotor and XPlode. XPlode destroyed the Hero Pod, and Stormer took the opportunity to charge the criminals. Stormer's internal wiring was damaged in the resulting battle, but was quickly repaired by Breez and Surge. XPlode escaped, but the hero and rookies had successfully captured Rotor.

Core Crisis

After delivering Rotor to Hero Factory, Stormer's Hero Core needed recharging, leaving him unable to help Bulk, Surge, and Stringer fight Corroder. During the fight, Zib, who was overseeing the core recharges, suggested creating a Hero Cell, which Stormer vehemently refused. However, he was forced to allow them to do it, despite the risks posed to Bulk. Communicating with Stormer, Bulk advised his leader not to blame himself for the situation, as he repeatedly did with the Von Ness incident. Furno, against Stormer's recommendation, joined his fellow teammates in the battle, and they eventually drove Corroder off. Stormer oversaw Bulk's recharging after Corroder was defeated.

The Enemy Within

Stormer fighting Furno while infected by nanobots

Stormer led Furno, Surge, and Breez to Mekron City, which was on high alert. Stormer met with with his old friend Drax, the commander of the Mekron City police force. Under the influence of nanobots, Drax attacked Stormer and the rookies, setting several Floater Enforcer Drones on them. After they defeated all of the drones, Meltdown appeared and infected Stormer with nanobots before escaping. After returning to Hero Factory, the nanobots took control of Stormer and he fled the building, defeating Bulk, Furno, and Stringer. Stormer began making his way toward a billboard advertising himself and Furno, a billboard that he had previously expressed contempt over.

While the rest of the team went to find a cure on Lunar Tratix, Furno searched for Stormer in Makuhero City. Stormer attacked Furno, and the two fought in the skies over the city. Furno then reminded Stormer of Von Ness' betrayal, and noted that his dislike of the billboard meant that his original personality had not been erased. Stormer resisted the influence of the nanobots long enough to shut himself down, and Furno took him back to Hero Factory, where he was given the antidote.

Von Nebula

Stormer led the veteran Heroes of Alpha 1 to New Stellac City, where they were ambushed by Thunder, XPlode, Corroder, and Meltdown. Thunder hit Stormer directly with his powerful Nebula Gas Cannon, but Stormer survived the blast, protected by new armor. The rookie team arrived and joined them in fending off the villains. A black hole opened in the sky, disarming the Heroes, and Von Ness, now calling himself Von Nebula, appeared. Stormer and Furno let themselves get carried into the black hole, where they decided to use the antigravity thruster rings in their boots to negate it. Tricked by the two, Von Nebula attacked Stormer while Furno dropped the rings. Stormer sucked Von Nebula into his own staff and he and Furno exited the black hole as it exploded. Rejoining the team, the heroes returned to Hero Factory, where they were met by Daniela Capricorn. Stormer gave credit for the mission's success to the rookie team. He later ensured that Von Nebula's staff was placed under high security.

Ordeal of Fire

Stormer took the newly promoted Heroes Breez, Furno, and Surge to Tanker Station 22, where Fire Lord, Drilldozer, Jetbug, and Nitroblast were attacking. The Heroes were quickly defeated by the Fire Lord, who claimed to know Stormer, even though Stormer did not recognize him. While trying to escape with the remaining station workers, the Heroes were surrounded by the villains, and Surge broke away from the group to draw fire towards himself. The three remaining Heroes retreated with the workers.

Stormer after his upgrade

After returning to Hero Factory, Stormer tried to convinced Akiyama Makuro to use the experimental Upgrade procedure on the three, and Makuro eventually agreed. Nathaniel Zib, Nex, and Evo watched over Stormer, Breez, and Furno as they were upgraded to 2.0 armor. Stormer and the others were sent to Virtual Training, where they tried to get used to their 2.0 bodies. After a brief session, Stormer ordered that the team be sent out.

At the station, Stormer advocated stealth, but Furno blew their cover to Nitroblast by accidentally discharging his weapon. Stormer attacked the Fire Lord, and they engaged in a duel. The Fire Lord explained that he was a former mining bot, once working on a planet visited by Stormer, and that upgrades to their system enabled them to directly absorb fuel into their hands. However, this affected their wiring, corrupting the bots, and creating an addiction for the Fire Lord. As the Fire Lord prepared to kill Stormer, Nex and Evo arrived, turning the tides of the battle, and assisting in apprehending Drilldozer and Nitroblast. The Fire Lord went to absorb every last ounce of fuel, and Stormer led the attack on him. As the Fire Lord defeated the five, Jetbug fell out of the ship he was piloting, and it rammed into the Fire Lord, ripping his absorption hand off. Stormer hero-cuffed the Fire Lord, and discovered Surge had been responsible for defeating the criminal. At Hero Factory, as they watched Surge receive a 2.0 upgrade, the Fire Lord was escorted in. Stormer told Furno and Breez that the Fire Lord will be given help for the damage his addiction to fuel had caused.

Savage Planet

Stormer discovered his old professor, Aldous Witch trying to implant a Hero Core on his body, and he was forced to intervene to prevent Witch from doing so. Witch was exiled from the Hero Factory as a result.

Stormer looking for Rocka on Quatros

Stormer called in Furno, Bulk, Stringer, and Nex to help him go to Quatros and search for Rocka, who had gone missing while searching for Aldous Witch. He was given a 3.0 enhancement with the powers of a rhino, to help with the jungle environment. When they arrived, Stormer noted that the force field that typically protects the planet was down, theorizing that Witch was responsible. Stormer and the team found a beat-up Rocka who told him that Witch Doctor, a powered up Aldous Witch's new identity, was responsible for heavy injuries he sustained, and was planning on draining the planet of Quaza. Furno spotted Witch Doctor, and attempted to give chase to combat him, over Stormer's order to stay put, but was quickly defeated. Stormer admonished Furno for his behavior when he returned, and the group set out to find Witch. While traveling through the jungle, Alpha 1 discovered a teleportation bridge capable of transporting three of them to the site of Witch Doctor's mining, where they hoped to find him. In order to settle the rivalry between Rocka and Furno, Stormer placed each of them in charge of a three Hero unit, with one group taking the bridge, and one group going through the jungle. Rocka chose Stormer and Bulk as his team, electing to take the bridge to get there faster. However, the bridge reassembled their molecules in a smaller size, hampering their ability to complete their mission. After eluding several Fangz hounds, Rocka and Bulk were captured by Witch Doctor. However, the arriving team of Furno, Stringer, and Nex helped rescue the two, and all three were restored to their original size. Stormer took on the Witch Doctor alone, while the others tried to find a way to restore the planet's Quaza and free the enslaved wildlife. Furno eventually devised a way to increase Rocka's power, and the rookie Hero assisted Stormer in fighting the Witch Doctor. Though Witch Doctor gained the upper hand in the fight, Stormer was able to steal the Skull Staff, the source of his powers, and break it, defeating Witch. The team successfully apprehended Witch and restored the Quaza, saving the planet. Stormer commended Furno for putting aside his differences with Rocka, noting that they were most successful when they worked together.


After the mass breakout at the Hero Factory, Alpha 1 leader Stormer was given an armor upgrade.

Abilities and Traits

Stormer is a skilled Hero, and despite being a relatively new model, has experienced hundreds of battles, and is a natural leader. He is very competitive, and specifically targeted the post of Alpha 1 leader because he believed he would excel in it. After the incident with Von Ness, Stormer is determined that no rookie ever put a mission in jeopardy again and is especially harsh on them as a result; many prior rookies under his command either gave up or were transferred out. The incident also plagued him with feelings of guilt, and he often blames himself for things that go wrong with missions. Stormer is disinterested in popularity and believes that he should not receive praise for simply doing his job.

Preston initially bore special ice armor, and was later upgraded to 2.0 fire-resistant armor. He was later given a 3.0 upgrade, giving him rhinoceros power. He has since been given a new set of armor for the breakout.


One of Stormer's first weapons was a small blaster weapon. As Alpha leader, he carried the Multifunctional Ice Weapon that he upgraded over time to the point where it consisted of an ice blaster, a buzzsaw, a pickaxe, and could instantly create a blade made of ice. When he received his 2.0 upgrade, he was given a Multi-Tool Ice Shield and an extendable baton. With his 3.0 armor, he carried a weapon with dual fold out blades, capable of firing energy blasts, based on his signature ice weapon.

Set Information

Set 7164 Preston Stormer
Set 2063 Stormer 2.0

Set 7164 Preston Stormer was released in mid-2010 as part of the original Hero line, which also contained Bulk, Stringer, Surge, Furno, and Breez. This set contained 17 pieces. Instructions were provided in the September-October 2010 LEGO BrickMaster Magazine to combine Stormer's parts with those from Furno and Breez to build Lucas Valor, a hero of the Delta 9 Team.

In early 2011, set 2063 Stormer 2.0 was released under the Heroes 2.0 line, which also contained Evo 2.0, Nex 2.0, Surge 2.0, Furno 2.0, and Breez 2.0. This set contained 31 pieces. Parts from Stormer 2.0 could be combined with parts from Breez 2.0 in order to create a new model using instructions from the Hero Factory website. Stormer 2.0 was also one of the first sets to utilize the online HeroPad feature that allowed users to enter unique codes from the bottom of set canister lids in order to access an online game.

Set 2145 Stormer 3.0

In the summer of 2011, set 2145 Stormer 3.0 was released as a canister set, along with the other 3.0 hero sets. The set is built from 31 pieces, including a transparent green armor piece printed with a rhinoceros design.


"Once again, Stormer, your unwavering commitment is an inspiration."
Akiyama Makuro, Ordeal of Fire

"No hero is useless while his Quaza Core still glows."
― Preston Stormer to Mark Surge, Ordeal of Fire



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