Project Sunstorm

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Project Sunstorm
Status Destroyed
User(s) Dumacc
Functionality Harnesses solar flares and releases them in a powerful blast.

Project Sunstorm is a mysterious project that harnesses solar energy.


The Project Sunstorm was designed by the Planetary Governments to defend themselves in case of an absence of Hero Factory. The weapon was part of a massive conspiracy by outlying planets against the Hero Factory, with Planetary Governments secretly instructing Dumacc to create the Project Sunstorm to harness the solar flares from the Tranquis system's sun as a weapon. Using the Valiant construction as a cover, the Project was ran and tested on Tranquis VII, but the Project caused a massive environmental crisis, killing all non-robotic forms of life in the planet. Dumacc relocated the workers including Karter, his assistant, to a secret underground location in Tranquis.

When the Brains attacked the city, Dumacc kept working in order to keep Project Sunstorm safe, but a security robot was possessed by a Brain, compromising its location. The Brains flooded the lab, and infected Dumacc, who then prepared to turn Project Sunstorm on, but the Brains were defeated thanks to the help from Heroes. Nathaniel Zib started to analyze the project, but Karter destroyed it while it was being analyzed.


Project Sunstorm harnessed the solar flares of Tranquis' sun, to direct them and use them as powerful weapons. A flare that passed too close to Tranquis VII started an environmental crisis that devastated the planet. Satellites were placed to relay the flare so it got redirected to anywhere in the galaxy. The satellites had unstable cores, so if attacked, they would explode and decimate the attacking fleet.