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TV Brain Attack Pyrox.png
Employer Brains
Weapons Rotating Flame Staff
Fire claws
Status Reverted
Set number 44001

Pyrox was a Bull Creature that was mutated by the Brains.



Pyrox was once a diminutive Bull Creature. Upon encountering a Brain, Pyrox was mutated into a fiery minotaur, and went to attack the Hero Factory.

Swarming the streets of Makuhero City, Pyrox encountered several Heroes, and his Brain was eventually removed. His mutation reversed, and Pyrox returned to his fiery homeland.

Abilities and Traits

Pyrox was described as a ferocious creature, with massive horns and a battle-ready temperament.


Pyrox came equipped with a Rotating Flame Staff, fire claws and lava shoulder armor.

Set Information

Set 44001 Pyrox

The Pyrox set, numbered 44001, was released in early 2013, in the Hero Factory's Brain Attack line. It included one yellow Brain that attaches to his head and 53 pieces in the set, including a Hero Core that while not used in the set contributes to 600 game points in Brain Attack. It can be combined with 44000 Furno XL to form a combiner.


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