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beast_image=[[File:44029 Queen Beast.jpg|250px]]|
|image=[[File:44029 Queen Beast.jpg|250px]]
|speclocation=[[Antropolis City]]
beast_location=[[Antropolis City]]|
|weapons=Snapping staff<br>Poison claws
'''Queen Beast ''' is a massive [[Beast]], and mother to the [[Jumper]] species.
'''Queen Beast ''' was a massive [[Beast]], and mother to the [[Jumper]] species.

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Queen Beast
44029 Queen Beast.jpg
Weapons Snapping staff
Poison claws
Location Antropolis City
Status Deceased
Set number 44029

Queen Beast was a massive Beast, and mother to the Jumper species.


The Queen Beast has long existed in the caverns beneath Antropolis City, establishing a massive nest and breeding various Jumpers.

When Antropolis City began an underground excavation process, the construction disturbed the Queen Beast and her brood. Believing the workers of Antropolis to be deliberately encroaching upon her territory, the Queen Beast sent out an army of Jumpers to kidnap the citizens and imprison them underground in cocoons. When the Jumpers were met with resistance by Hero Factory reinforcements, they began kidnapping members of the Alpha 1 Team as well, and bringing them to the Queen.

The remaining Heroes of Alpha 1 eventually made their way underground to rescue their comrades and confront the Queen Beast. There, Hero Natalie Breez began communicating with the Queen, trying to convince her to abandon the assault. The two managed to reach a truce; however, one of the Jumpers accidentally triggered a discarded Hero blaster, damaging the nest. Enraged, the Queen began attacking the Heroes again, forcing them to destroy the nest. The Queen, as well as the rest of the Jumpers, were flushed down the acid tunnels of the cavern and killed.

Abilities and Traits

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Set Information

Set 44029 Queen Beast vs. Furno, Evo & Stormer was part of the second half of the Invasion From Below wave, released at the summer of 2014. The set is comprised of 218 pieces.


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