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*Raw-Jaw was voiced by Jason Canning in ''[[Episode 6: Savage Planet|Savage Planet]]''.
*Raw-Jaw was voiced by Jason Canning in ''[[Episode 6: Savage Planet|Savage Planet]]''.
*He is referred to as a "Gorillaphant" in ''[[Episode 6: Savage Planet|Savage Planet]]''.

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Comic Raw-Jaw.png
Robot Class
Function Beast
Power(s) None
Location(s) Quatros
Status Functional

Raw-Jaw is a powerful, apelike beast on Quatros.


A Raw-Jaw on Quatros

When the Witch Doctor arrived on Quatros intent on stealing the planet's reserve of Quaza, the Raw-Jaw was taken by Witch Doctor, and had a corrupted Quaza spike planted on him. Raw-Jaw began to haul Quaza for Witch Doctor.

<spoiler>Raw-Jaw was one of several Quatros beasts to attack the Alpha 1 Team after they had encountered the Witch Doctor. However, Witch soon recalled them to perform other tasks, and Raw-Jaw returned to the mining site. Despite pleading with the Witch Doctor many times to stop his brutal slave-driving methods, Raw-Jaw was continually forced to work until he had removed the last of the Quaza from the core of Quatros. When the Witch Doctor was attacked by a Scorpio, he commanded Raw-Jaw to fight the creature.

Raw-Jaw was eventually freed by the Alpha 1 Team, and thanked the Heroes before running off.</spoiler>

Abilities and Traits

Raw-Jaw uses his great strength and agility to protect himself from other predators. His physical appearance resembles that of a gorilla with the tusks of an elephant, which can be used to impale prey or battle intruders in their territory. When implanted with Quaza Spikes, Raw-Jaw is far more aggressive than normal, and unwillingly serves the Witch Doctor.

Set Information

Set 2232 Raw-Jaw was released as a box set in mid-2011. It includes 52 pieces including a printed armor piece and a dual-colored Quaza spike.



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