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Rocka Crawler
Battle Machine
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The Rocka Crawler was a Battle Machine used by Daniel Rocka.


After entering the subterranean tunnels of Antropolis City to rescue their allies, the Heroes of Alpha 1 Team were forced to build new Battle Machines more suited to the environment. The Rocka Crawler was the first of these machines built, and taken by Daniel Rocka to examine a Cocoon. A Jumper hatched from the egg and forced the machine off a cliff, but Rocka was able to push the Jumper off his mech and rejoined his allies in exploring the underground. During the expedition, Rocka and Surge were separated from the rest of the team by a magnetic field, which continually trapped their machines. Rocka encountered a Tunneler Beast, and was able to temporarily fend it off, but the Rocka Crawler was pinned between two rocks, forcing Rocka to exit the machine and join with Surge's Combat Machine.


The Rocka Crawler was a bipedal mech, which possessed two chainsaw hands for offense and mobility. It was also armed with lasers, and holstered Rocka's Click Gun. As with all of the Battle Machines, it contained an ejectable cockpit.

Set Information

Set 44023 Rocka Crawler was included in the second half of the Invasion From Below wave, released in summer of 2014. The set was comprised of 49 pieces, 33 of which are used to build the machine itself, while the rest are used for the minifigs and cocoon that came included.


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