Rocka Stealth Machine

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Rocka Stealth Machine
44019 Rocka Stealth Machine Art.png
Battle Machine
User(s) Daniel Rocka
Weapon(s) Goo Shooter
Grab Claw
Status Damaged
Set number 44019

The Rocka Stealth Machine was a Battle Machine used by Daniel Rocka.


Rocka designed the Rocka Stealth Machine using the Remote Builder brought from the Hero Factory for the Antropolis City mission. During the battle, Rocka made liberal use of the machine's stealth feature, arriving to save Furno from a Jaw Beast. After defeating and capturing a lone Jumper, Rocka placed it in his Canister for examination. However, the Jumper eventually broke free and disabled the Stealth Machine, ultimately crushing itself after forcing Rocka to bail out.


The Rocka Stealth Machine was a bipedal machine, equipped with a Goo Shooter and a Grab Claw. It also featured stealth shoulder elements and a Canister. The Stealth Machine had the ability to turn completely invisible.

44018 Rocka Stealth Machine

Set Information

Set 44019 Rocka Stealth Machine was released as part of the first half of the Invasion From Below wave. The set contains 89 pieces. The set contains the shooter pieces seen in many other Hero Factory sets, which fire a piece of ball ammunition when squeezed.


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