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robotclass_powers=Stinger tail, Ball shooter|
robotclass_powers=Stinger tail, Ball shooter|
'''Scorpio''' was a powerful [[Quatros]] native.
'''Scorpio''' are powerful [[Quatros]] natives.

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Jungle Scorpio.png
Robot Class
Function Beast
Power(s) Stinger tail, Ball shooter
Location(s) Quatros
Status Active

Scorpio are powerful Quatros natives.


The corrupted Scorpio

Scorpio are notoriously hard to find on Quatros, but one was found by Witch Doctor, and implanted with a core of corrupted Quaza. This Scorpio now protects Witch Doctor, though it despises doing so.

Abilities and Traits

Despite their large stature, Scorpio are adept at slipping through small spaces. They have a stinger tail and a mounted ball shooter for capturing prey, which utilizes pure Quaza. It also bears heavy, spiked armor plating, and powerful pincers. Scorpio are highly intelligent. They are incredibly fast, and sometimes use the pincers on their mandibles to capture prey if close.

Set Information

Set 2236 Scorpio was released in mid-2011. It contains 104 pieces including a printed armor piece, two dual-colored Quaza spikes, and a plastic sphere. A launcher built onto the set's tail can fire the sphere when the sides of the launcher are squeezed.



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