Scout Drones

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Scout Drones
Scout Drones.jpg
User(s) Preston Stormer
Functionality Reconnaissance, ranged combat
Status Destroyed
Out of use

Preston Stormer was equipped with Scout Drones in his XL upgraded form.


A Scout Drone's HUD

The Scout Drones are capable of detaching from Stormer's armor and surveying the nearby area. They are extremely temperature resistant, and designed to fly even at high wind speeds. They are also capable of firing ice beams.

Example Usage

Scout Drones on Kollix IV

In Breakout Part 1, Stormer used his Scout Drones in his capture of Speeda Demon, and they fired ice at the villain.

Set Information

The 6230 Stormer XL set of 2012 contains 5 Scout Drone pieces, three attached to the left side of his body, and two on the right. The Scout Drones are advertised as detaching from the armor, and two stickers are placed on each unit.

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