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"Silver" is not an official name.
It may have been referenced in the storyline as such, but has not been officially named. Alternatively, it may be a name popular among fans, but has no official basis.


"And it all seemed routine until they found themselves against this hulking drone, packing enough plutonium cryptide canisters to level half the city."
William Furno, Von Nebula

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"Silver" was a giant robot drone that attacked New Stellac City.


Prior to the drone's attack, a burglary report was sent to Hero Factory's call center, and Hero Factory sent Thresher's Hero team in response. By the time Thresher, Von Ness, and Preston Stormer arrived, "Silver" had attacked, and the Heroes were forced to take on the robot. Thresher charged the robot, but was knocked out by one of the drone's explosives. After a brief argument with Von Ness over whether to attack or wait for backup, Stormer attacked the robot, expecting Von Ness to guard Thresher. However, Von Ness boarded the Drop Ship and fled for fear that the robot would kill him if he stayed with Thresher and Stormer. After attempting to stop Von Ness, Stormer jumped off of the drop ship and used his weapon to take out the robot's visual receptors, and landed on the drone's back. Stormer then crossed the power cables of the robot, disabling it.

Afterwards, a monument in Stormer's honor was erected from the drone's remains. This area was later chosen by Von Nebula as the site of his confrontation with Stormer. When four of the members of Alpha 1 defeated Von Nebula's minions, Dunkan Bulk wrapped a metal beam from the robot's parts around the criminals to keep them from escaping.

The winning model of BBC Contest 53


  • "Silver" was created by BZPower member Varderan for their BIONICLE Based Creation Contest 53, a building contest sponsored by LEGO. LEGO judged the entrants and ranked the winners, eventually using Silver in the Hero Factory TV series.


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