Skull Staff

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Skull Staff
Skull Staff.jpg
User(s) Witch Doctor
Functionality Using corruptedQuaza
Status Broken

The Skull Staff was the staff formerly used by Witch Doctor. It was inadvertently created by Aldous Witch after he discovered a stone skull in an ancient temple on the planet Quatros while illegally mining Quaza. Witch mounted the skull on a staff and put a sliver of Quaza into it, giving the staff the power to control any organism infected with corrupted Quaza. Witch himself was transformed by the staff's power, mutating and enlarging the former instructor into Witch Doctor.

During the duel between Witch Doctor and rookie Hero Daniel Rocka, the staff was snapped in two by Preston Stormer, rendering Witch Doctor powerless and leading to his arrest.


The powers of the staff allowed Witch Doctor to use corrupted Quaza to enhance his speed and strength, and also fire energy beams.

Example Usage

In Savage Planet Part 1, Witch Doctor used the Skull Staff to enslave the various beasts of Quatros, forcing them to act against their will.

Set Information

The Skull Staff is included in set 2283 Witch Doctor. It is built from 22 of the set's 331 pieces including two dual-colored Quaza spikes.

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