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The Society of the Hero Factory universe is complex, with several different practices on various planets.

Sports and Contests


The sport of Roboball involves the serving and hitting of a type of ball and eliminating other players. The game usually is played in teams, but players can compete solo if they please. Hero Factory has designed training dummies that are simulated by computers.



There are many occupations in the galaxy, and many involve law enforcement. Law enforcement careers include those as Heroes and police (including chiefs such as Drax).

Hero Factory

Many of the inhabitants of Makuhero City are employed in the Hero Factory. They serve in a myriad of different capacities, all supporting the law-enforcing Heroes. In addition to specific positions, there are also a number of general workers, who operate at the discretion of their managers.

List of Occupations in Hero Factory
  • Professor - Educators in charge of teaching rookie Heroes are known as "Professors"
  • Call Center operatives - The Call Center employs many workers to field incoming calls to the Hero Factory, and see that they receive the right amount of attention. The Call Center manager is Sherman Lennard.
  • Mission Manager - Mission Managers delegate crises to Hero teams, and assist them during the operations. The Chief Mission Manager is Nathaniel Zib.


Criminal activity is severely prohibited in the universe, but there are many who turn to the lifestyle. The crimes that are committed include sabotage, theft, energy absorption, murder, destruction, and extortion.


Mining is a popular occupation throughout the universe; many natural resources can only be acquired by mining a planet. The planet Quatros was one of the last reserves of Quaza on the planet, and was frequently mined for the material until it was discovered that the planet could no longer sustain having the Quaza extracted. The planet Tallos 5 is the site of frequent mining, so much that it is often referred to as the "mining planet"; Tallos 5 developed Mining Robots to help with the mining. Merak 9 is also a mining site, using the explosive C-4000 in their activities.

Inventions and Communication


Hero Factory has led the surge in radical new inventions, inventions wich have been instrumental in galaxy-wide law enforcement. Led by Akiyama Makuro, the Hero design was upgraded to a 2.0 form, and old Heroes received an upgrade. There is an electronic encyclopedia called Heropedia.


Different Vehicles have been used by the multitude of robots and various inhabitants of the galaxy.


Hero Factory has created and engineered various kinds of vehicles for Hero usage in their never-ending quest to protect the galaxy.

  • Drop Ship - A type of interplanetary hero transport craft piloted by heroes, which may carry Hero Pods.
  • Furno Bike - William Furno's experimental bike, used on some missions.
  • Hero Pod - A transport pod for heroes, launched across the galaxy to take Heroes straight to missions.
  • Jetpack - Used by heroes to fly in the sky, these can be attached in refitting processes.


Many assorted villains have managed to create or steal transport for them to go to their next crime, or base.

  • Aerial Craft - One of these was once used to carry explosives to a location on Merak 9 and was guarded by a Hero Factory escort. Fire Lord's minions have also used one in the raid on Tanker Station 22.
  • Aerial Sphere - Spheres that can carry villains through the air.
  • Rotor's Blades - Rotor's blades often act as a method of transportation.
  • Speeder - Villains have been known to use a speeder to quickly enter and escape crime scenes. XPlode and Corroder have both used them.


  • Transport Pods - Popular civilian transport is done by specialized pods.


Most robots speak the same basic language in the galaxy. There are exceptions, such as animal-based languages, including one spoken by Tratix Reptoids. Hero Factory uses an alphabet system comprised of circles within squares, the circles having lines cutting into fourths. The circles and the squares are either colored a shade of green or blue.