Sonic Boom Weapon

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Sonic Boom Weapon
Sonic Boom Weapon.jpg
Status Out of use
User(s) Jimi Stringer, Dunkan Bulk (both formerly)
Functionality Shooting sonic blasts

The Sonic Boom Weapon is a powerful sound-based weapon.


The Sonic Boom Weapon in use

The main component of the Sonic Boom Weapon is a bass-boosting sonic wave emitter, which provides the basis of the projectile. An accelerator then moves the sound waves into the supersonic range. For more power, a treblegun injects higher frequency sound waves into the sonic bass. Small adjustment knobs on the device help the Hero wielding the weapon fine-tune the blast. The sonic blast can be targeted to such an exact degree that the shots can shatter a specific glass on a dinner table.

As an added feature, a guitar or synthesizer can be plugged into the Sonic Boom Weapon, which can then function as a speaker or amplifier for music.

The weapon was originally used by Jimi Stringer. However, Dunkan Bulk was also temporarily equipped with one of these weapons to fight Vapor.

Stringer abandoned this weapon in favor of a Sonic Blaster, which he used during the breakout.

Example Usage

In Rise of the Rookies, Stringer fired sonic blasts at Corroder using this weapon.

Set Information

Sonic Boom Weapon in set form

Jump to: navigation, search The Sonic Boom Weapon was included in set 7170 Jimi Stringer. It was also included in set 7179 Bulk & Vapour.

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