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  • There are a number of sporting activities played by [[Hero]]es, known collectively as " The sport of Roboball involves the serving and hitting of a type of ball and eliminating other players. The game usually is played in t
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  • ...sion: Ordeal of Fire''' was an effort made by the [[Alpha 1 Team]] to stop a gang of rogue [[Mining Robot]]s from absorbing all of the Hero Fuel from [[ Stop a group of criminal fire villains, formerly mining robots, from absorbing all
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  • will be fine. Stormer admits to having a bad feeling about the mission, a feeling he has not felt since the [[Von Nebula|Von Ness]] incident. ...tacker. When Surge steps into the open to get a clear shot, Corroder sends a stack of girders plunging down on him. Bulk knocks Surge out of the way and
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  • ...Sean Catherine Derek]] and directed by Howard E. Baker. It was included as a bonus feature on the ''Savage Planet'' DVD release in October 2011. A [[Tanker Station 22|mining station and refueling depot]] in Sector 51 falls
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  • 5, 2011 on Nicktoons, followed by a marathon run of all six episodes in a row. The DVD of ''Savage Planet'' was released October 4th, 2011, featuring Teasers for the 2013 line, Brain Attack, utilize clips from a single-episode TV special. The special initially premiered exclusively on [
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  • ...(also known as the '''Quaza Core''') is what powers a Hero and gives them a personality. ...rthless if it runs out of power, forcing the Hero with a dead core to have a core transplant.
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  • ...that trend, consisting of two waves under a single banner and lasting for a whole year. ...emies led by the [[Fire Lord]], and the Alpha 1 Team are forced to undergo a risky process in order to gain the power necessary to overcome the villains
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  • ...ppeared in the LEGO Magazine with which the guide was packaged, as well as a few following issues.
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  • ...membering it himself, along with the conclusion that this incident was not a natural disaster. The senior heroes are then attacked by [[Thunder]] and [[ ...cuits; the city was saved, and the drone was destroyed. The citizens built a monument out of the drone's parts in honor of Stormer's bravery and loyalty
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  • ...g well over 500 metres, the building is both aesthetically and technically a marvelous piece of architecture.|[[]]|center}} ...ion power source. It is considered by the public and the inhabitants to be a marvelous piece of architecture, both aesthetically and technically.
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  • ...planetary nebula in the galaxy. It possesses at least one star, as well as a small asteroid-like planet where [[Makuhero City]] and the Hero Factory wer ...around [[Hero Factory (Corporation)|Hero Factory]], '''Makuhero City''' is a bustling and prosperous city.
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  • '''Tanker Station 22''' is a refueling station for [[Hero]]es. ...on fuel depots. A Hero alert was pressed, and [[Alpha 1 Team]] arrived in a [[Drop Ship]] and began to evacuate the civilians, while attempting to keep
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  • '''''Hero Factory FM''''' is a in-universe podcast released on [[biosector:LEGO|LEGO's]] [[Hero Factory]] Another call is about a giant chicken named Snowflake, who is actually a shape-shifter.
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  • shown, then his upgraded [[Multi-Tool Ice Shield]] before using that in a battle. The last clip shows him playing Roboball. ...aster]], and bravery. The last clip shows him looking into the distance as a 2.0 hero.
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  • The '''''Hero Factory Testimonial Video''''' is a live-action advertisement piecing together fictional interviews with people from Livingston, England reappears and begins shouting at his dog, and a black screen appears with text reading "[[|HeroFactory.LEGO.
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  • ...ime and terror throughout the universe. Since then, the Heroes have become a widely accepted symbol of peace and prosperity, have been despised by crimi ...econ Team]], was also created by Makuro in order to gather intelligence on villain activity in the universe, with [[Merrick Fortis]] being appointed leader of
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  • '''Mark Surge''' is a hotheaded young member of the [[Alpha 1 Team]]. ...l nature, Surge was convinced that something went wrong with his creation, a feeling reinforced by frequent examinations by Hero Factory analysts. Surge
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  • '''Natalie Breez''' is an experienced Hero of the Hero Factory and a member of Alpha 1 Team. ...mental program that linked her with the natural world. She was assigned to a rookie team with [[Mark Surge]] and [[William Furno]]. The three were place
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  • ...t, steeliest [[Hero]]es ever created. His friends see Bulk as kind of like a walking demolition tank.|[[Akiyama Makuro]], ''[[]]''|center '''Dunkan Bulk''' is a powerful [[Hero]] and member of the [[Alpha 1 Team]].
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  • {{Quote|Nex is a communications expert in Hero Outreach.|[[Akiyama Makuro]], ''[[Episode 5|O '''Julius Nex''' is a [[Hero]] from [[Hero Factory (Corporation)|Hero Factory]], one of the the f
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