Stormer Freeze Machine

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Stormer Freeze Machine
Battle Machine
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The Stormer Freeze Machine is a Battle Machine used by Preston Stormer.


The Stormer Freeze Machine was designed and built by Stormer and Rocka using the Remote Builder during the attack on Antropolis City. Stormer used the machine to combat the Jumpers invading the city. While confronting a Jaw Beast, the machine's blaster arm was torn off, and Stormer was dragged underground by the mutant Jumper, forcing him to abandon the machine.


The Stormer Freeze Machine is a bipedal machine, equipped with a rotating ice blaster, missile shooter, and iron fist. It also features a bulletproof visor, an ejectable cockpit, and a freeze tank Canister.

Set Information

44017 Stormer Freeze Machine

Set 44017 Stormer Freeze Machine was released as part of the first half of the Invasion From Below wave. The set contains 88 pieces, 70 of which comprise the actual Stormer Freeze Machine, while the rest go to the minifigs and accessories. The set contains a rotating ice blaster that can be spun.


  • The Freeze Machine originally had a Gloo Shooter, similar to Rocka Stealth Machine, but Stormer went for an Ice Blaster instead.


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