Surge & Rocka Combat Machine

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Surge & Rocka Combat Machine
Battle Machine
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The Surge and Rocka Combat Machine was a Battle Machine built for Mark Surge and Daniel Rocka for use in the subterranean tunnels below Antropolis City.


After fending off the Jumper Beasts in Antropolis City, the remaining Heroes of the Alpha 1 Team ventured underground to rescue their kidnapped teammates. Realizing they needed to build Battle Machines more suited to the terrain below ground, the Heroes set up the Remote Builder and constructed five machines: the Rocka Crawler, Breez Flea Machine, Bulk Drilling Machine, Evo Six-Legged Walker, and the Combat Machine. Surge initially took sole command of the Combat Machine, and the Heroes ventured further down into the Jumper lair. They eventually encountered a magnetic field that separated them into two groups, Surge with Rocka, and Breez, Bulk, and Evo together. While navigating the magnetic field, Rocka's machine was trapped between two rocks, and approached by a Jumper. Surge to use his machine to save Rocka from a Tunneler Beast while simultaneously using the massive firepower of the Combat Machine to deal with other jumpers. Rocka finally bailed out of his Crawler and joined Surge in the secondary portion of the Combat Machine. However, soon after, a chunk of rock hit the machine, leaving Surge open to be kidnapped by another Tunneler Beast. Rocka engaged the secondary portion of the Combat Machine, an armed personal jet, and flew down after Surge. He eventually emerged in the lair of the Queen Beast, reuniting with his fellow Heroes, but the Queen swatted away the jet, forcing Rocka out.


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