Tansari VI

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Tansari VI
Inhabitants Unknown
Class Planet

Tansari VI is a planet covered in fog.


The Energy Collection Array, famous for being a technical marvel, was constructed in Tansari VI as a method to collect energy from the lightning.

After organizing and causing the Breakout, Voltix went directly to Tansari VI in order to strip the planet from its electrical energy and manufacture a superweapon to attack the galaxy. Hero Jimi Stringer was charged with capturing Voltix and bringing him back to the prison, while Hero Recon Team member Omega was sent to deliver the Stringer to the planet.

Upon Stringer's arrival, the thick fog that covered the planet made Stringer's task more difficult. However, Voltix was stealing energy from the array, which allowed Stringer to locate the villain. After a brief struggle where Voltix incapacitated Stringer for a few minutes, the Hero was able to cuff Voltix.

Out of nowhere, Core Hunter ambushed Stringer and was about to incapacitate him, but Dunkan Bulk arrived and chased Core Hunter off the planet. Omega then picked up Stringer and Voltix and traveled back to Hero Factory.


Tansari VI is home to the Energy Collection Array, a giant tower that catches lightning and then stores its energy in various power storage cells through large pillars. The planet's landscape is infamous for having a thick fog and frequent thunderstorms that disturb any kind of communication and prevent any type of spacecraft from landing.


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