Tantalus 5

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Tantalus 5
Movie Tantalus Five.png
Inhabitants Unknown
Class Planet

Tantalus 5 is a planet that houses Penitentiary 1331.


Penitentiary 1331

The prison facility

Penitentiary 1331 is a future prison on Tantalus 5. It was attacked by Corroder, and a Hero team consisting of Dunkan Bulk, Jimi Stringer, Mark Surge, and Natalie Breez were sent to help. Breez evacuated the workers in the Drop Ship, while the others fought Corroder. Early in the battle, Corroder caused a pile of girders to fall, and Bulk took the hit. Surge was unable to pry Bulk out of the girders while Stringer kept Corroder at bay. Eventually, the situation was very dire, and a Hero Cell was created. Corroder instead focused his acid directly on the cell, and had almost burned through it when an empty Hero Pod rammed into his chest. William Furno attacked Corroder in new armor, and the Drop Ship arrived. Corroder grew scared, and fled. Breez saved Bulk, and they returned to Makuhero City.


The planet has a very mountainous landscape, with some grass growing. The land has a number of canyons and rises, one of which rises the penitentiary is built on. Currently, there is not much groundwork other than the large walls, a watchtower in the center, and various beams scattered around.


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