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|[[Wikipedia:Tom Kenny|Tom Kenny]]
|[[Wikipedia:Tom Kenny|Tom Kenny]]
|Nathan Evo/Jetbug/Rocka
|Nathan Evo/Jetbug/Daniel Rocka
|Jason Canning
|Jason Canning

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Television Episodes
Rise of the Rookies DVD Cover.jpg
Type Video
Year(s) released 2010-Present

Television Episodes are a media used to convey large sections of the Hero Factory story.


File:Hero Factory Nicktoons Ad.jpg
An advertisement for the Rise of the Rookies miniseries

The first four TV episodes, half an hour in length and directed by BIONICLE: The Legend Reborn director Mark Baldo, aired in late September 2010. These episodes were later collected and released as Hero Factory: Rise of the Rookies on DVD.

The fifth episode debuted as a half hour special in April of 2011, on Nickelodeon 2. A one hour episode detailing the Savage Planet storyline premiered September 5, 2011 on Nicktoons, followed by a marathon run of all six episodes in a row. The DVD of Savage Planet was released October 4th, 2011, featuring Ordeal of Fire as bonus content.

An additional one hour special has been commissioned for 2012, directed by Howard Baker, who has previously directed other LEGO features including LEGO: The Adventures of Clutch Powers.

List of Episodes


Episode 1: Trials of Furno

XPlode and his maniacal ally, Rotor, attack a shipment of explosives. The Alpha 1 Team is dispatched to guard the shipment, with Furno observing. XPlode abandons Rotor when the battle goes in the Heroes' favor. Stormer then states that it's Furno's job to chain up Rotor. However, due to his inexperience, the criminal manages to escape. The failure of the mission and Stormer's words make Furno train very hard to become a better Hero. Eventually, XPlode and Rotor strike an explosives plant, and when Stormer is felled, Furno manages to apprehend Rotor.

Episode 2: Core Crisis

Bulk, Stringer and Surge are caught in a fight against the vicious Corroder. While Corroder traps Bulk under a load of girders meant for Surge, Breez is transporting injured construction workers to a medibot station and Furno and Stormer are waiting for core recharges. Corroder has easily gained the upper hand. The Heroes realize the best idea is to form a Hero Cell to protect themselves using their Hero Cores. The energy of their Hero Cores is near depletion, but they all agree it's a chance worth taking. No sooner does the shield go down due to lack of energy does Furno crash his Hero Pod into Corroder. However, he takes everyone by surprise when he appears unharmed, stating he used the ejector seat to get out before the ship crashed. Meanwhile, Breez has returned with an empty cargo ship, and Furno uses this to his advantage: he bluffs to Corroder and says that a squad of heroes is contained in Breez's ship. Corroder uses his acid weapons to create a smokescreen and escape.

Episode 3: The Enemy Within

A distress call comes in from Mekron City, where Stormer knows the Drax, the police chief. However, Chief Drax is acting strangely, and Meltdown appears, spraying Stormer with sludge. He is eventually corrupted by some nanobots inside the sludge and, after a fight with Stringer, Bulk and Furno, escapes the Hero Factory. Four of the Heroes then travel to a remote planet to acquire an antidote, while Furno finds Stormer and duels him. Furno makes Stormer realize his actions are wrong by comparing him to a rookie that went rogue, Von Ness, and Stormer shuts down. The Heroes finally cure him, and Stormer deduces that someone is plotting against them.

Episode 4: Von Nebula

The Alpha 1 Team is sent to investigate a strange disaster, and Stormer realizes it's a trap when Thunder and Corroder arrive. Stormer appears to be downed, and the rookies are sent in with new tools. As they arrive, so do XPlode and Meltdown. A black hole opens in the sky, and Furno and Stormer jump in to combat the villain they now know to be pulling the strings - a rookie Hero known formerly as Von Ness, now a villain Von Nebula. Von Nebula goes after Stormer, believing him to be the bigger threat, but Furno destroys the black hole and Von Nebula is sucked into his own Black Hole Orb Staff. Meanwhile, the remaining Heroes take out Von Nebula's thugs with their new tools. After returning to Makuhero City, the team is cornered by a reporter, and Stormer surprises everyone by referring to Furno by his name, something he had previously refused to do.


Episode 5: Ordeal of Fire

When Tanker Station 22 is attacked by Fire Lord, Drilldozer, Jetbug and Nitroblast, the workers send a message to Hero Factory. Concurrently, Julius Nex and Nathan Evo are being presented by Mr. Makuro, who cautions that the upgrade process used to make the two Heroes is not ready to apply to existing Heroes yet. Alpha 1 arrive at the station and begin to fight with the attackers. Furno is ordered to go on reconnaissance, and discovers that the villains are drawing power from the fuel. Breez manages to save the workers by transporting them via Drop Ship while Fire Lord is distracted by Stormer and Furno. Stormer orders the team to retreat, but they are blocked off from the Hero Craft by the villains. Surge breaks away from the others and the villains chase after him. Back at the Hero Factory, Alpha 1 convince Makuro to upgrade them, and head back to the refueling station. During the fight, Furno requests back up from Zib, who sends Nex and Evo. Nitroblast and Drilldozer are subdued, but Fire Lord flees to absorb more fuel. As the Heroes close in, a ship ejects Jetbug and knocks Fire Lord away. Stormer apprehends Fire Lord, and Surge jumps out of the ship, telling the others how he took control of the ship. When they return to Hero Factory, Surge is upgraded and commended for his actions.

The Savage Planet DVD

Episode 6: Savage Planet

Rookie Hero Rocka is sent to find civilian Aldous Witch, who has crash-landed on Quatros. Rocka arrives on the planet, but he cannot find Witch. Rocka is confronted by a Fangz, but is incapable of defeating it and is knocked unconscious. When Rocka is reported missing, the Alpha 1 Team is equipped with animal-based equipment and sent to find him.

The team discovers that Aldous Witch has turned into the Witch Doctor and has taken Rocka hostage. The Heroes, with the information given by Professor Zib, conclude that the excessive mining of the Quaza has made the planet unstable, destroying it from its core. They find an ancient mine that could be used to instantly transport them to the central mine that leads to the core of the planet. Nex concludes that it would only be able to transport three Heroes. Stormer, Rocka, and Bulk enter the teleport, but are shrunken in size. Furno, Nex, Stringer go through the jungle but are attacked by Scorpio on the trek.

Rocka's group arrived at the central mine, where Witch Doctor had been mining the Quaza. They notice that Raw-Jaw is a slave worker for Witch, collecting the Quaza that is mined. Witch abuses the beast and controls his mind with his Skull Staff and the corrupted Quaza spike. Witch Doctor finds the Heroes and traps Bulk and Rocka in the box he was using to carry the Quaza stones. They begin by freeing the enslaved Raw-Jaw from the corrupted Quaza and Witch Doctor. Rocka, who has since received a modification giving him larger, more resilient armor and a stronger double-claw combo tool, approaches Witch. The two duel with seemingly even power, but Witch Doctor downs Rocka. As Aldous prepares to finish off Rocka, Stormer breaks his Skull Staff, rendering his powers useless. Furno and Bulk successfully return the Quaza to the core of the planet, restoring it to it's former state.


Actor Role(s)
John Schneider Preston Stormer
Eric Christian Olsen William Furno
Christopher B. Duncan Dunkan Bulk
Stephen Stanton Jimi Stringer
Bryton James Mark Surge
Jean Louisa Kelly Natalie Breez/Lucy/Waspix
Mark Hamill Von Nebula/Von Ness
Joel Swetow Rotor/Meltdown
Jeff Glen Bennett XPlode/Nervous Citizen
Fred Tatasciore Thunder/Frantic Citizen/Witch Doctor
Charlie Adler Corroder/Chief Drax
Malcolm McDowell Mr. Makuro
Henry Winkler Professor Nathaniel Zib
Jennifer Coolidge Daniela Capricorn
Tom Kenny Nathan Evo/Jetbug/Daniel Rocka
Jason Canning Julius Nex/Miner/Raw-Jaw
Stephen Stanton Nitroblast
Dee Bradley Baker Fire Lord/Fangz/Scorpio


  • A 22-minute short titled LEGO Atlantis is included as a special feature on the DVD of Rise of the Rookies. This short originally aired on Cartoon Network in January 2010. This animated short tells the story of the minifigure characters from the LEGO Atlantis toy line.

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