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Television Episodes
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Type Video
Year(s) released 2010-Present

Television Episodes are a media used to convey large sections of the Hero Factory story. The first four aired on Nicktoons, and the fifth on Nickelodeon 2. 4 episodes detailing the Savage Planet storyline will be broadcast in October of 2011. An additional one hour special has been commissioned for 2012, directed by Howard Baker, who has previously directed other LEGO features including the fifth Hero Factory episode and LEGO: The Adventures of Clutch Powers.


Rise of the Rookies

The first four episodes of the Hero Factory series premiered in later September of 2010. These four episodes were all collected into the Hero Factory: Rise of the Rookies DVD. They dealt with Alpha 1 Team, and their defeat of Von Nebula and his minions.



A half-hour special premiered in April 2011, detailing the winter 2011 storyline about the Fire Lord and his attempt to take over Tanker Station 22.

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