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Alpha 1 Team

MPIconBAStormerHelmet.png Preston Stormer - "The Pro"
The no-nonsense Alpha 1 Team leader, plagued by his failure in a past mission, and demanding in his expectations of all team members
MPIconBABulkHelmet.png Dunkan Bulk - "The Behemoth"
A physically imposing, powerful senior Alpha 1 member, whose impressive strength belies a growing intelligence
MPIconStringerHelmet.png Jimi Stringer - "The Supersonic"
Philosophical, laid-back, and musically inclined veteran of Alpha 1, who incorporates sound-based functions into his weaponry
MPIconBAFurnoHelmet.png William Furno - "Young Blood"
Once a reckless and ambitious rookie Hero assigned to Alpha 1, now a valuable team member
MPIconBASurgeHelmet.png Mark Surge - "Livewire"
One of Alpha 1's youngest, a temperamental hot-head working to overcome a secret insecurity
MPIconBABreezHelmet.png Natalie Breez - "The Whirlwind"
A young female on Alpha 1, brash in her dealings with her teammates, but with a connection to nature
MPIconBAEvoHelmet.png Nathan Evo - "The Steamroller"
An introspective rookie Hero working with Alpha 1, who emphasizes heavy artillery use in his missions
MPIconNexHelmet.png Julius Nex - "The Tech-head"
Socially nuanced and technologically gifted head of Hero Outreach and a rookie on Alpha 1, with a love for gadgetry
MPIconBARockaHelmet.png Daniel Rocka
The headstrong new rookie of Alpha 1, also covertly a member of the Hero Recon Team
MPIconEvoHelmet.png An unnamed new rookie working with Alpha 1

Other Heroes

The first head of the elite Alpha 1 Team, and Stormer's former team leader
MPIconVonNessHelmet.png Von Ness
An original member of Alpha 1 Team, who defected during a crucial mission, becoming the crime lord Von Nebula
MPIconLucasValorHelmet.png Lucas Valor
Delta 9's team leader, who now patrols the outer galaxies
MPIconMerrickFortisHelmet.png Merrick Fortis
One of Hero Factory's earliest and most reputable Heroes, now the commander of the secretive Hero Recon Team