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Alpha 1 Team

Other Heroes

  • Mission: Imposters
    Rho 3 team is dispatched to the Etamin system, where Hero Factory personnel are about to be banned due to previous incompetence by Hero Factory members
  • Mission: Guard the Princess
    Zed 4 is assigned to guard the ruling dignitary of the Segunis planet as she tours through the war-torn outer provinces of the region
  • Mission: Yequee Particle Removal
    A training mission, where Mu 19 takes three rookies on a routine mission to remove Yeq particles
  • Mission: Dragons!
    Epsilon 4, experienced in dealing with mythical creatures, is chosen to head to planet Earth in order to remove a dragon from a local high school
  • Mission: Fire Sprite Suppression
    When Fire Sprites attack the Android Relaxation Grounds, Rho 14 is called in to remove the plasma beings
  • Mission: Pirates of the Constellations
    Lucas Valor leads the Delta 9 Team in facing Captain Dark Horrendous's space pirate army at a space station
  • Mission: Catch 'Em and Cuff 'Em
    After an unprecedented mass breakout, every Hero is recalled in order to recapture escaped villains