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Von Nebula's Gang

  • Von Nebula - Formerly Von Ness, a Hero gone rogue on a mission to destroy Hero Factory
  • Rotor - Notorious criminal, a twisted lackey of Von Nebula
  • Thunder - A strong, but dim-witted criminal
  • Corroder - Conniving henchbot, capable of spraying acid
  • Meltdown - A psychopathic scientist, skilled in the use of chemicals
  • XPlode - An exceedingly rich criminal-for-hire
  • Vapor - One of Von Nebula's recruits, with a penchant for using gaseous based weaponry

Fire Villains

  • Fire Lord - A mining bot who went insane, and began a megalomaniacal plot to steal all sources of Hero fuel
  • Nitroblast - A smart and devoted member in the Fire Lord's gang
  • Jetbug - Insane henchbot of Fire Lord's, noted for his constant giggling
  • Drilldozer - A huge and strong member of Fire Lord's group

Other Criminals