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Von Nebula's Gang

MPIconVonNebulaHelmet.png Von Nebula
Formerly Von Ness, a Hero gone rogue on a mission to destroy Hero Factory
MPIconXPlodeHelmet.png XPlode
An exceedingly rich criminal-for-hire, who works jobs based on the danger level
MPIconMeltdownHelmet.png Meltdown
A psychopathic scientist, skilled in the use of chemicals
MPIconCorroderHelmet.png Corroder
Conniving henchbot who seeks to challenge the status quo, capable of spraying acid
MPIconThunderHelmet.png Thunder
A strong and sturdy criminal who bears a massive crushing claw
MPIconRotorHelmet.png Rotor
Notorious criminal, a twisted lackey of Von Nebula, equipped with a large propeller on his back for flight and combat
MPIconVaporHelmet.png Vapor
One of Von Nebula's recruits, with a penchant for using gaseous based weaponry

Fire Villains

MPIconFireLordHelmet.png Fire Lord
A mining bot who went insane, and began a megalomaniacal plot to steal all sources of Hero fuel
MPIconNitroblastHelmet.png Nitroblast
A smart and devoted member in the Fire Lord's gang
MPIconJetbugHelmet.png Jetbug
Insane henchbot of Fire Lord's, noted for his constant giggling
MPIconDrilldozerHelmet.png Drilldozer - A huge and strong member of Fire Lord's group

Legion of Darkness

MPIconBlackPhantomHelmet.png Black Phantom
A powerful villain who planned to destroy the Hero Factory's Assembly Tower
MPIconToxicReapaHelmet.png Toxic Reapa
Criminal from the jungle planet Z'chaya
MPIconJawbladeHelmet.png Jawblade
An aquatic shark villain hailing from the planet Scylla
MPIconSplitfaceHelmet1.png Splitface
A schizophrenic criminal with a split personality
MPIconThornraxxHelmet.png Thornraxx
An aggressive insectoid from a hive planet
MPIconVoltixHelmet.png Voltix
A cunning, electricity wielding villain who initiated the breakout
MPIconXT4Helmet.png XT4
A reprogrammed crazed worker bot from the planet Mechna
MPIconSpeedaDemonHelmet.png Speeda Demon
An insane villain equipped with a nitro-rocket bike


MPIconBrain1.png Brains
Organic creatures with an imperative to destroy the Hero Factory, capable of possessing other creatures
MPIconPyrox.png Pyrox
Once a small bull creature, turned fiery minotaur controlled by a Brain
MPIconOgrum.png Ogrum
A plant ogre under the control of the Brains
MPIconBruizer.png Bruizer
A rock monster possessed by a Brain
MPIconScarox.png Scarox
Formerly a Dune Crawler, transformed into venomous creature under the direction of the Brains
MPIconAquagon.png Aquagon
An aquatic creature transformed into a hostile invader by a Brain
MPIconFrostBeast.png Frost Beast
Snow creature transformed by the Brains into an icy villain
MPIconDragonBolt.png Dragon Bolt
An electric dragon, controlled by a Brain

Other Villains

MPIconWitchDoctorHelmet.png Witch Doctor
Once a Hero Factory instructor obsessed with Quaza, transformed into an evil tyrant while attempting to destroy Quatros
MPIconCoreHunterHelmet.png Core Hunter
A cruel villain who hunts Heroes for their Cores