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Thornraxx is an insectoid villain from a hive planet.


Thornraxx was captured and imprisoned by the Hero Factory after a criminal incident, the circumstances of which are classified, though witnesses reported incidents of aerial terror.

Thornraxx later escaped from Hero Factory's villain containment facility in a breakout initiated by the villain Black Phantom and fled to his hive planet homeworld, hoping to recruit other natives of the planet as allies.

Abilities and Traits

Thornraxx's species is notorious for its irritability and quick temper, and Thornraxx is noted as being even more aggressive and malicious than the other insects.


Thornraxx's natural weapons include his stinger and claws, which he has amplified. He is also capable of spitting a powerful venom from his mouth.

Set Information

Set 6228 Thornraxx was released as a small set as part of the Breakout wave at the beginning of 2012 in Europe, Australia/New Zealand and Asia and will be released in North America during the summer of 2012. The set contains 44 pieces, including a Hero Core printed with a 200-point code for use in the Breakout game. The Hero Core is not used in the construction of the model, however. Also included is a launcher that fires a spherical ammunition piece when the sides are squeezed, representing Thornraxx's venom spitter. The parts from the Thornraxx set can be combined with parts from set 6227 Breez to create a combi model based on instructions from


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