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External Image
Color nerd and LDD fan
HS01 Status Moderator
Online Time Various
BZP Name Aanchir: Rachira of Time
BZP Status Active Premier Member
Jobs None
Age 20
Gender Male
Height 5'10"
Nationality United States
Character Nathaniel Zib
Set 2141 Surge 2.0
Color Orange
Food Italian

Hi, everyone! I'm Aanchir, a diligent HS01 editor and fan of LEGO Hero Factory.


My twin brother and I have been LEGO fans since around 1995-- back when I could have called myself a LEGO Maniac without it seeming dated! I started buying most action figure themes when they first debuted, starting with Throwbots and moving on to BIONICLE through a LEGO Magazine offer for Tahu, Vakama, and a mini promo CD.

I first discovered the online BIONICLE fan community early on, but never was a part of it until my brother took the initiative and joined BZPower forums around 2005. He took the name Lyichir after a fan character he had developed, and for lack of a better name I chose the corresponding name Aanchir when I later joined for myself. I could go into detail about the Rachira story, but anything you need to know can be found on my BIONICLEsector01 userpage. It went through many permutations and was abandoned when the pace of the official story became too hectic to work any version of this into the timeline. I later joined BIONICLEsector01, though looking back many of my hardest-fought-for contributions were fairly trivial.

When I finally went off to college, I began to lose track of BZPower, and when the BIONICLE story ended it became difficult to keep track of the official BIONICLE story without keeping up with Ask Greg. Needless to say, I had far less to contribute to BS01, and so drifted away from there too. Instead, I found myself joining an online AFOL community that naturally I can't mention here. I'm still active there and have not become active again on BZPower.

I watched the debut of Hero Factory with amusement and appreciation, but did not buy any sets (instead choosing to focus my finances on other LEGO themes like Power Miners, Atlantis, and Space Police). However, the second wave proved too tempting to resist, finally going the extra step to separate Technic from constraction themes and create a system that could operate almost completely independent of Technic-based connections. Together with my brother, our Hero Factory collection currently includes all of the second-wave heroes as well as Fire Lord and Jetbug. More recently I've added Bulk 3.0, Stormer 3.0, and Raw-Jaw to my collection, and am very happy with both purchases.

Now that BZPower is back, I am somewhat active there again. I like the new site better than I liked BZPower before its downtime, and hopefully the culture there remains this welcoming towards Hero Factory and other themes.

And now, obviously, I've become an active member here on HEROsector01. I've got some cool stuff going on at my sandbox every now and then, so check by there if you're interested in what I've been up to. And feel free to drop me a line on my talkpage if you have a problem with any of my edits. Glad to be a part of this growing site!

Areas of Expertise

I'm a frequent user of LEGO Digital Designer, even though I don't make many impressive MOCs on it. Instead, I tend to use it for sketching out ideas I plan on possibly using with physical LEGO bricks later on down the line. I do, of course, occasionally use it for building things that can't be built in actual bricks, whether because the parts don't exist in the right colors or for some other reason.

I have created a number of reference files on LEGO Digital Designer. My LDD Color Chart Complete includes every color that can be rendered on LDD in the current version. Many of these cannot be accessed in the default color palette, so feel free to use them-- but bear in mind that most colors not available on the default palette in LDD Extended mode or LEGO Universe mode are not currently used in sets. Also, most that lack names and numbers on LDD are so obscure that even I don't know when they were used.

On a similar note, my LDD Decorations file includes all the decorated parts that can be generated with LDD. Many cannot be generated with the decoration tool in LEGO Universe mode and LDD Extended mode, including several Hero Factory parts from the second wave of sets.

Feel free to ask me any questions about LEGO's color palette. I can't promise I can answer everything, but I have researched the color palette for several years and so have a decent amount of knowledge about it. Since we're on HS01, of course, you'll want to keep discussions relevant to the wiki, unless you happen to know me on another site where I can be contacted. On most sites I go by the moniker "Aanchir" or some variation, but you may find me under other names on sites that aren't strictly LEGO-related.

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