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''Mudkipz. I herd u liek them.''
''Mudkipz. I herd u liek them.''
{{Wiki Staff}}
[[Category:HS01 Staff]]
[[Category:HS01 Staff]]

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Argentum is a user of this wiki.


Argentum lives in the UK, far away from all of the Americans of the world. He has been an avid fan of BIONICLE and Hero Factory for a few years now, and he feels that he is quite knowledgeable on the subjects. Argentum enjoys playing on his Xbox, and hopes to study Mechanical Engineering next year.

Abilities And Traits

Argentum uses his ability to detect grammar errors from a mile away wisely, subtly editing them out before anyone notices.


Argentum wields the sword of grammatical massacre.


So I herd u liek Mudkipz?

Mudkipz. I herd u liek them.

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