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Important Notice

I'm Dorek. I make the magic happen. But only when I feel like it.

biosector:User:Dorek - My BS01 page. Just as sparse, but presumably in a different color skin, so blammo. Change.

User:Dorek/Sandbox and User:Dorek/iPod and User:Dorek/Club Pages. You may not find them interesting, but I'm tired of typing them into the search bar.

List of things I need to do

  • Objects becomes Weapons and Technology, substances go under Tech (give quaza a unique substance template, which will be the outsourced Object template, maybe it will be used later on)
    • OR Tech all goes in one template, with a section for tech type? Just a thought.
  • Parent Page redesigns†
    • Parent Page logos†
    • Dat alphabet
  • Make Saga Guides more than just a straight rundown of the story; list appearances, maybe have some kind of sidebar graphic representing the different media. (timeline ish)
    • Timeline page
  • Face Off stuff!
  • Smaller sectionally personalized templates†
    • Wiki/Warn icons†
  • Citations!!!!!!!!!
  • Set database?
  • Pages that maybe need making
    • We Who Serve?

Stuff I'm willing to take suggestions on/help with
*Lower priority/pending removal
**In process

List of things I need other people to do

  • More Skins!
  • Uploading anything bshelf/majhost to the wiki
  • Stats system from FO

Creep of the Deep

  • TV images


  • Help with citations
  • Collapsible galleries
  • Triggered sectional highlights

Anybody Else

  • Polish AMEET books - what the heck were they about? Who wrote them? Were they a new story, and if so, was there a time frame of when it occurred? Were they actually published?
  • Character list images - Instead of just listing characters, include their pictures in a sort of mini-gallery (and use the relevant forms and whatnot) - For everything, including books and mainspace articles
  • Find out when Stormer's activation day was (I have the file taken on the 9th, but I'm pretty sure it was a few days earlier)

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