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MPIconFangz.png Fangz
Skilled lupine hunters of Quatros
MPIconRawJaw.png Raw-Jaw
Powerful gorilla of Quatros
MPIconScorpio.png Scorpio
Large but agile arachnids of Quatros
MPIconWaspix.png Waspix
Mildly intelligent humanoid insects of Quatros


MPIconBrain1.png Brains
Organic creatures with an imperative to destroy the Hero Factory, capable of possessing other creatures
MPIconPyrox.png Pyrox
Once a small bull creature, now a fiery minotaur controlled by a Brain
MPIconOgrum.png Ogrum
A plant ogre under the control of the Brains
MPIconBruizer.png Bruizer
A rock monster who is possessed by a Brain
MPIconScarox.png Scarox
Formerly a Dune Spider, now a venomous creature under the direction of the Brains


Hero Factory Staff

Makuhero City

  • Mak Megahertz
    A DJ on Hero Factory FM and host of the program "Mak in the Morning"
  • Daniela Capricorn
    A short-tempered news reporter for the HNW Evening News

The Valiant

  • Aquax
    An old comrade of Stormer's, now captain of the Valiant
  • Kirch
    Head of security aboard the Valiant
  • Xera
    Scientist on the Valiant, with unethical tendencies

Mekron City

  • Drax
    Police chief of Mekron City, and an old ally of Stormer