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|style="border:2px SADDLEBROWN solid;border-radius:15px;overflow:hidden;" style="border:2px SADDLEBROWN solid;border-radius:15px;overflow:hidden;" rowspan="2"|[[File:Set Dual Fire Shooter.png|100px]]
|style="border:2px SADDLEBROWN solid;border-radius:15px;overflow:hidden;" rowspan="2"|[[File:Set Dual Fire Shooter.png|100px]]
|style="background:SADDLEBROWN"|<center>'''[[Dual Fire Shooter|<font color=white>Dual Fire Shooter</font>]]'''</center>
|style="background:SADDLEBROWN"|<center>'''[[Dual Fire Shooter|<font color=white>Dual Fire Shooter</font>]]'''</center>
|style="border:2px SADDLEBROWN solid;border-radius:15px;overflow:hidden;" rowspan="2"|[[File:Set Energized Dual Boomerangs.png|100px]]
|style="border:2px SADDLEBROWN solid;border-radius:15px;overflow:hidden;" rowspan="2"|[[File:Set Energized Dual Boomerangs.png|100px]]

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Alpha 1 Team


Set Dual Fire Shooter.png
Dual Fire Shooter
Set Energized Dual Boomerangs.png
Energized Dual Boomerangs
Set Lightning Shooter and Shields.png
Lightning Shooter and Shield
William Furno's first weapon, which used heated coils to either blast enemies, or engage them in sword combat. Natalie Breez's first weapon, which could also fire cutting projectiles. Mark Surge's first weapon, a combination melee and blasting electricity weapon.
Set Multifunctional Ice Weapon.png
Multifunctional Ice Weapon
Set Sonic Boom Weapon.png
Sonic Boom Weapon
Set Metal Sphere Shooter.png
Metal Sphere Shooter
Preston Stormer's weapon, heavily customized, and reflective of his status as leader of the Alpha 1 Team. Jimi Stringer's 1.0 weapon, which was used for emitting focused sonic waves. Also doubled as his guitar amplifier. Dunkan Bulk's 1.0 weapon, capable of rapid-fire projectile launching.


Set Multi-Tool Blades.png
Multi-Tool Blades
Set Ice Spear Blaster.png
Ice Spear Blaster
Natalie Breez's 2.0 melee weapons. Mark Surge's 2.0 weapon, a sniper rifle for ranged combat.
Stormer's Baton.png
Set Multi-Tool Ice Shield.jpg
Multi-Tool Ice Shields
An extendable melee weapon briefly used by Stormer in his 2.0 form. Customizable weapons, that function in both a defensive and offensive capacity.


Set Dual Fold Out Blades.png
Dual Fold-out Blades
Set Triple Bladed Bear Claw.png
Triple Bladed Bear Claw
Set Wrist Mounted Blades.png
Wrist-mounted Blades
Stormer's 3.0 animal weapon, retractible blades that fold out for attack. Stringer's 3.0 weapon, a claw based on a black bear, with an attached blade, and equipped plasma gun. Bulk's 3.0 weapon, a set of blades attached to his wrist, designed to complement his two-handed fighting style.
Set Plasma Bow.png
Plasma Bow
Set Double Bladed Tiger Claw.png
Double Bladed Tiger Claw
Set Rocka Claw.PNG
Double Claw Combo Tool
Furno's 3.0 weapon, which could be used for both melee and ranged combat, by firing energy projectiles. Nex's 3.0 weapon, a twin-bladed claw based on the sabre-toothed tiger. Rocka's 3.0 weapon, a lion claw combined with extended blades.


Set Power Sword.png
Power Sword
Set Sonic Blaster.png
Sonic Blaster
Set Missile Launcher.png
Missile Launcher
Stormer's weapon, equipped after the breakout. Can deliver an electric charge. Stringer's weapon for dealing with a breakout, a blaster that uses sonic waves. Bulk's breakout weapon, a twin missile launcher with changeable projectile types.
Set Breakout Breez Sabre.png
Double-bladed Sabre
Set Hex Energy Shield.png
Hex Energy Shield
Set Electricity Shooter.png
Electricity Shooter
A double length sword wielded by Natalie Breez after the breakout. An energy shield carried by both Breez and Rocka, though with varying functionality. An electrical weapon carried by Surge that can be used for both melee and projectile combat.
Set Tank Arm.png
Tank Arm
Set Laser Cutter.png
Laser Cutter
Set Plasma Shooter.png
Plasma Shooter
A supplementary weapon used by Nathan Evo to augment his Plasma Gun. A powerful, state-of-the-art weapon used by Julius Nex. Electricity-based blaster used by Nex.
Set Crossbow.png
Set Plasma Gun.png
Plasma Gun
Set Harpoon.jpg
New, powerful projectile weapon utilized by Rocka. Plasma blaster utilized by many Heroes after the breakout. A spear weapon attached to Furno's Plasma Gun, which could be fired as a projectile.

Brain Attack

Set Flaming Fire Sword.png
Flaming Fire Sword
Set Fire Shield.png
Fire Shield
Piercing sabre now used by William Furno in his XL form, capable of burning through the toughest of substances. Fiery shield carried by Furno in his XL armor.
Set Plasma Sword.png
Plasma Blade Sword
Set Spinning Razor Shield.png
360° Spinning Razor Shield
A new blade weapon wielded by Rocka, given to him by the Recon Team. Possesses enough power to cut through all types of rock. A Recon Team shield used by Rocka, a sharp rotating barrier which he can control telepathically.
Set Laser Drill.png
High Speed Laser Drill
Set Impact Shield.png
High-Impact Shield
A new, laser based drill wielded by Dunkan Bulk which slices through rock at tremendous speeds. Powerful, resistant shield carried by Bulk, designed to be easy to carry, but still durable and damage deflecting.
Set Bow Staff.png
Bow Staff
Set Razor Saw Shield.png
Spinning Razor Saw Shield
Collapsible staff carried by Natalie Breez, which can also fire energy blasts. A new serrated shield carried by Breez, which can also be used offensively.
Set Rotating Lightning Blades.png
Rotating Lightning Blades
Set Vortex Staff.png
Vortex Staff
Spinning melee weapon used by Mark Surge, which can also fire electricity. Spinning melee weapon used by Evo.
Set Nano Alloy Sword.png
Nano Alloy Sword
Set Ice Hero Shield.png
Ice Hero Shield
Set Ice Missile Launcher.png
Ice Missile Launcher
Powerful sword wielded by Preston Stormer, with attached Ice Fangs. Special shield used by Stormer with ice elements. Back-mounted missile launchers equipped to Preston Stormer's armor.

Alpha 1 Team (Thresher)

Set Pieces Mass Driver Launchers.png
Mass Driver Launcher
Von Ness Gravity Weapon.png
Gravity weapon
TV Stormer Small Ice Weapon.png
Ice weapon
Twin projectile weapons used by the first Alpha 1 Team leader, Thresher, which had an an attached piton cable. Von Ness's weapon, capable of manipulating a targets' weight and density. Used during his Hero days. An ice weapon initially used by Preston Stormer.

Other Heroes

Set Piece Multifunctional Ice Weapon.jpg
Ice Launcher
40084 Sword.jpg
An ice-based projectile weapon used by the leader of Delta 9 Team, Lucas Valor. Bladed weapon available to Heroes.

Hero Recon Team

HRT Merrick Tool.png
Merrick's Tool
HRT Merrick Claw.png
Merrick's Claw
Blaster weapon used by commander of the Recon Team, Merrick Fortis. It has been referred to as his "good old trustworthy". A claw used by Fortis after recieving a 3.0 upgrade, to assist in rock climbing on Quatros.
HRT CombiElement1.png
Combined Element 1
HRT CombiElement2.png
Combined Element 2
The first of the Combined Elements used by the Recon Team, developed by Fortis after observing Mission: Savage Planet. The second of the Combined Elements used by the Recon Team, developed by Fortis after observing Mission: Savage Planet.
HRT CombiElement3.png
Combined Element 3
HRT CombiElement4.png
Combined Element 4
The third of the Combined Elements used by the Recon Team, developed by Fortis after observing Mission: Savage Planet. The fourth of the Combined Elements used by the Recon Team, developed by Fortis after observing Mission: Savage Planet.


Von Nebula's Gang

Set Black Hole Orb Staff.png
Black Hole Orb Staff
Set Spiked Club.png
Spiked Club
Von Nebula's weapon, capable of creating black holes for him to utilize. A barbed melee weapon used by XPlode.
Set Meltdown Tentacle.png
Set Acid Blasters.png
Acid Blasters
A natural tool used by Meltdown. Acid shooting weapons carried by Corroder that also function as large claws.
Set Crusher Claw.png
Crusher Claw
TV Crusher Claw.png
Nebula Gas Cannon
Powerful claw armament equipped to Thunder's right arm. A projectile launcher that Thunder mounted to his Crusher Claw for a confrontation with Alpha 1.
Biohazard Gas Shooter.png
Biohazard Gas Shooter
Set XPlode Meteor Blaster.png
Meteor Blaster
A weapon used by Rotor that shoots out toxic and deadly gases. A projectile weapon used by many villains, known for being modifiable and cheap.
Set Radioactive Sludge Shooter.png
Radioactive Sludge Shooter
Set Vapor Launchers.png
Vapor Launchers
A modified Meteor Blaster used by Meltdown, which fires radioactive sludge from the tanks on his back. Modified Meteor Blasters used by Vapor, which fire corrosive gas ammunition derived from tubes attached to the villain.

Fire Villains

Set Lava Blaster.png
Lava Blaster
Plasma Blowtorch.png
Plasma Blowtorch
Fire Lord's personal weapon, modified from schematics of Furno's Dual Fire Shooter. A tool used by Nitroblast, connected to a tank on his back.
Set Drilldozer Lava Sphere Shooter.png
Lava Sphere Shooter
Set Turbine Drill.png
Tunnel Drill
A projectile blaster used by the Fire Villains. A heavy drill carried by Drilldozer, who uses it for tunneling and fighting.

Legion of Darkness

Set Razor Sabre Mace Staff.png
Razor Sabre Mace Staff
Set Sabre Strikers.png
Sabre Strikers
Set Wing Blades.png
Wing Blades
A massive, bladed mace use carried by Black Phantom. Twin blades equipped to Black Phantom's back. Two swords carried by Speeda Demon to use in conjunction with his bike-riding style.
Set Magma Blades.png
Magma Blades
Set Toxic Jets.png
Toxic Jets
Set Stinger and Claws.png
Stinger and Claws
Stolen and modified Dual Fire Shooters, used by Jawblade. Two projectile weapons used by Toxic Reapa, attached to tanks on his back. Natural tools used by Thornraxx include a stinger tail and razor claws; they were modified to be more lethal.
Set Shredding Claw.png
Shredding Claw
Set Poison Plasma Shooter.png
Poison Plasma Shooter
Set Shooting Volt Blaster.png
Shooting Volt Blaster
Powerful claw used by Splitface, capable of slicing through steel. Projectile weapon used by Splitface, equipped with the deadly and mutagenic Infecticide. Chargeable blaster wielded by Voltix.
Set Razor Disc Slicer.png
Razor Disc Slicer
Set Striking Blades.png
Striking Blades
Set Laser Slicer.png
Laser Slicer
Serrated buzzsaw carried by XT4. Small knives carried by XT4. A cutting laser used by XT4.


Set Rotating Flame Staff.png
Rotating Flame Staff
Set Dual Sword Staff.png
Dual Sword Staff
A spinning flame blade used by Pyrox, which can also act as a flamethrower. A double-sided bladed staff used by Aquagon, which can split into two individual sabres.
Set Fanged Frost Blade.png
Fanged Frost Blade
Set Wrecking Mace.png
Wrecking Mace
Massive serrated blade carried by Frost Beast. A massive swinging mace wielded by Ogrum, used as a destructive melee weapon.