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Set Dual Fire Shooter.jpg Dual Fire Shooter Set Energized Dual Boomerangs.png Energized Dual Boomerangs Set Lightning Shooter and Shield.jpg Lightning Shooter and Shield
William Furno's first weapon Natalie Breez's first weapon Mark Surge's first weapon
Set Multifunctional Ice Weapon.jpg Multifunctional Ice Weapon Set Sonic Boom Weapon.jpg Sonic Boom Weapon Set Metal Sphere Shooter.png Metal Sphere Shooter
Preston Stormer's weapon, heavily customized, and reflective of his status as leader of the Alpha 1 Team Jimi Stringer's 1.0 weapon, which was used for emitting focused sonic waves. Also doubled as his guitar amplifier Dunkan Bulk's 1.0 weapon, capable of rapid-fire projectile launching