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  • Almaak IV - A planet in the Prima Giedi System. temporarily cloaked by Almaak V, has natural moons
  • Almaak V - Another planet in the Prima Giedi System, investigated by Alpha 1 Team
  • Arkoula 118 - A planet where the Hero Epsilon Team had a successful mission
  • Cerrazon 8 - Preston Stormer lost to Natalie Breez in a footrace on this planet
  • Cherith 9 - A planet once attacked by Arcadian Sand Snakes
  • Earth - The third in the Sol System, inhabited by millions of organic species, and dominated by one species known as humans
  • Epsilon Gamma IV - Where Splitface use to conduct criminal operations, and where Thresher captured Voltix
  • Etamin II - Where Mission: Imposters took place, Rho 3 team discovering cleaning bots masquerading as Heroes.
  • Fabulox 18 - A desert planet
  • Green-and-Blue Being Homeland - A planet home to mysterious blue and green beings
  • Gronnd - Where the Valiant was created
  • Kollix IV - An icy planet housing an Interstellar Navigation Beacon
  • Lemus 2 - A planetoid housing an explosives plant, once raided by XPlode and Rotor
  • Mechna - Home to a Makuro Industries plant that produces XT4 robots
  • Quatros - A techno-organic planet home to many species that maintains health through Quaza
  • Seguins - Where Zed 4 was sent to guard a Suzerian princess
  • Sigma Pi III - Home to a museum Jawblade and Toxic Reapa tried to rob
  • Scylla - An ocean planet and Jawblade's homeland
  • Tansari VI - A planet filled with electricity and energy cells
  • Tantalus 5 - Home to the in-construction Penitentiary 1331
  • Tarek - A planet once ravaged by mutant pandas
  • Thornraxx's Hive Planet - The homeland of Thornraxx
  • Tyral 9 - Where a Hero team was sent to save a pilot surrounded by Canabots
  • Unnamed Criminal World - A small criminal plan where Geb lived
  • Z'chaya - A jungle planet home to Toxic Reapa
  • Zarron - A bamboo covered planet
Nebulae, Asteroids, and Satellites

  • Lunar Tratix - A moon home to Tratix Reptoids
  • Tarantula Nebula - A nebula home to many planets, including a plasmoid plant
  • Sigma Sigma - An asteroid field home to a communications satellite
Cities and Structures

Other Celestial Objects

  • Black Hole - A massive black hole created by Von Nebula as his base, destroyed by William Furno
  • Yequee Gas Clouds - A 14 million mile stretch of steel-eating Yeq particles, many removed by Mu 19 Team