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[insert generic welcome template]


Nice catch on the rounded edge there. I'll look into it. Lord Nektann

I thought there was maybe some difference between the switches, even compared 3 and 4 side-by-side, still nothing. Can't believe it was that easy :o »Zapnox«
Tomana and I did a kind of group brainstorm thing and all we needed was an x. Who would have thought? Lord Nektann

Brain Attack Waves

There isn't a list of what's in each wave, and there's not much else to say per wave as it's just sending enemies endlessly at you. Lord Nektann

Yeah, that's why I'm saying that we change the current description, perhaps to a table, so that it's not just a list disguised under a wall of text. Also, I'd be glad to try out the game myself, but for some reason my iTunes Store gives me only Brainify. :( »Zapnox«